Increase to Bronze Cache, Spools of Eternal Thread, and Emperor Shaohao Reputation

Hello Remixers!

Thank you for all of your continued feedback on the Mists of Pandaria Remix event. We have a few upcoming changes that we hope will address some of your concerns and help make the remainder of the event even more of a blast to blast through.

First, we’ve heard repeatedly that the rate of Bronze acquisition doesn’t feel quite fast enough to allow you to comfortably collect all of the collectables you’re looking for while upgrading your gear. We investigated reducing upgrade costs and crediting players that had already upgraded their gear, but found technical limitations due to how Remix and Dragonflight interact with one another. We landed instead on doubling the value of Bronze Caches as shown below:

Bronze Cache values increased by 100%

  • Minor Bronze Cache (250 → 500)
  • Lesser Bronze Cache (500 → 1000)
  • Bronze Cache (750 → 1500)
  • Greater Bronze Cache (1250 → 2500)

In addition, we want to make powering up to overpower content easier, so we’re going to triple the effect of Spools of Eternal Thread:

Spools of Eternal Thread stat gain increased by 200%.

  • Minor Spool of Eternal Thread (20 → 60)
  • Lesser Spool of Eternal Thread (50 → 150)
  • Spool of Eternal Thread (100 → 300)
  • Greater Spool of Eternal Thread (180 → 540)

These items are both available from a wide variety of content, on both repeatable and one-time-per-character sources, so they should benefit all players whether it’s your first time entering Pandaria or your latest new Timerunner.

Once the hotfix is applied, you’ll see a new buff when you equip your cloak: Timerunner’s Mastery, indicating that the changes are active!

And because it’s a bit of a grind, we’re also increasing Emperor Shaohao reputation by 700%.

Thanks again for all of your feedback on this version of Remix. We will be applying all of these learnings to our future endeavors!

The WoW Remix Team


Nice but where are all the remix exclusive weapon skins from the vendors?


Awesome, thanks for the update!

Would be nice to get some confirmation on any changes coming to the cloak being 1:1 for your alts or any new vendors coming (weapons, pets etc).

Edit: Oh, and can we please mail our alts gems, that would be nice :slight_smile:


Well, it’ll still take ages to get everything and there’s 67 days left. I’ll wait for the rest of the buffs.

I’m playing retail/beta and (some) cata. No time to run none stop content for cosmetics. It would be great if these side events could be done on the actual live servers, not a side thing

pats jelly kitty good kitty!

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I finished collecting yesterday but this is stil great news.

I might finish off the missing rep grinds.

You could have reduced vendor or upgrade costs to also reward previous massive time investments, but I guess simply increasing all future gains is much less work. You said you wouldn’t adjust the costs and now the effect of increasing the rewards is pretty much the same… but only if you are a new player.

Can we possibly expect something for rare mobs or world bosses bosses, both of which are already dying so fast that half the players next to them can’t even tag in time?

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That’s nice I suppose - but I’m not shelling out nearly 600k bronze per character to upgrade their gear. If you don’t want to lower the cost for gear upgrades for all characters at least do it for alts, cause the current system is neither “alt friendly” nor “respecting the players’ time”.

I like the emperor shaohao change - it’s not gonna help with the problem that the mobs either die instantly or they turn grey before you can tag them because the place’s crawling with the other faction, but at least should I be lucky enough to get a kill I’ll get 35-140 rep rather than 5-20

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I am currently in Ireland for vacation, this is a great catch up, also considering my current char itlv and cloak I guess I can just solo farm vaults, HoF, ToS and ToT and just joining pugs for HC SoO.

Also with the buff to spoils I think mythic SoO will become easy as heroic due of cloaca giving an absurd amount of main stat.

Can we please have someone look at Shadow Pan reputation?
This one got maxed out really fast, but it seems to block out a lot of the possible achievements because the NPCs are not available.

Secondly, the August Celestials rep is not buffed at all.
Should be put in the same line as all other reputation gains.

Hah - called it. You’re nothing if not predictable, Blizz.

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Would be nice to have a gear upgrade discount for alts :smiley:

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Good kitty!
Now bump up the August Celestials and the Sunreaver Onslaught/Kirin Tor Offensive reputation and we are cooking
Those two are time consuming and tortorous


Many people have collected everything the vendors have to offer, it would be nice to add some new items to purchase with bronze.

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Finally increase to bronze.
But it took you only about a month, which is thirdvof the event time…

How about bring back at least SOME of the farming thread locations and thread drop rate from mobs, world and instanced.

Also, allow cloth to purchase plate mogs.
There is absolutely no reason to block classes from learning mogs.
I simply do not enjoy warriors, and i dont want to suffer through gearing up and running garrosh multiple times to get what i want with class i hate.

Quality of life is important, the day you will understand it, is the day players will come back.
Players go to ff14 because of quality of life features!

They can? Bought plate sets with my monk.

so you do it again
dealuate work that people who actualy play remix over people that don’t want to play it and just want free rewards they refuse put some time to

and if anyone think this will fill gap between players power than no, this gap will now go up 3 times faster than before

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Thank you for this. I started playing mop remix 1 week ago and i was worried i might not be able to get everything i want from it but this change will help me catchup with people and try mythic raids aswell.

For some reason the class apperal vendor that has the unique class stuff defaults its own view to class specific
While playing shaman, I’ve been able to set the vendor to ‘All’ and buy and use the paladin apperals unique to Remix and apply the appearances to my paladin on Retail

I think the world/dungeon/lfr/normal/heroic set vendors are on ‘all’ by default and should also allow you to freely buy and use with the same character

I don’t understand some of the people complaining about upgrading gear etc. I bought most of the mounts, and spent some bronze on item upgrades. I’m now sitting on ilvl 400 and 2 million HP as well as 22k mainstat (a lot of it from the cloak).

While my ilvl might not be the highest, I just write my stats into raid signups and I have no issues whatsoever getting invited to heroic raids. On top of that, you still have more than 2 months to get everything done. So as long as you keep doing the dailies (which takes like 20 minutes) you will get enough power to do all the raids before the event is over. Where’s the issue?