Instance cap is broken at Beta and soloing Bota is 1,5 mio Exp/h

Also it is stupid that warriors and deathknights can run Bota and get 1,5+ Million Exp/h up until Level 77+

after you nerfed karazhan exp this one needs also to be fixed. (its also “unfair” to nerf mages and let this one go out of hand - since it is basicly the same)
just simulate players in dungeons that dont have a full group, so one player gets the same amount of exp per mob a full group is getting.

The rank 1 pve Classic Warrior in the world with a perfectly optimised gearset and gameplay is peaking at 1.5mil per hour not including looting/selling journeys? And because of this you blanket this that “Warriors” are doing this?

I hate to break it to you man, but this doesn’t apply to you. Also the XP rate drops drastically with each level, if you were playing like and geared like a literal god and not looting you might maintain 1.5mil until 71. I’m not saying it’s ideal for a solo dungeon farm to be the best XP, but this is a pretty exclusive farm to people geared to the balls in avoidance gear, and those numbers are pretty much unattainable in a realistic levelling scenario.

Also mages can still farm unbelievably fast by kiting in dungeons, particularly UK which they do faster than a Warrior even, if adequately skilled and gear (which most are not).