Instead of negative M+ affixes, positive?

What if instead having negative M+ affixes we had positive ones, and the difficulty went into making the dungeons more complex and denser.

So instead of having stuff life storming, thundering, grievous.

We would have affixes like:

Interuptor: Successfully interrupting a cast grants 100% more damage for 10 seconds.
CCer: Successfully crowdcontrolling a mob grants 300% more haste for 5 seconds, cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.
Vamprism: Staying 8yd away from party members grants 5% all secondary stats and 15% more leech
Rally: For each ally within 8 yards, take 5% less damage and deal 5% more damage
Guerilla: Every 1 second you do not take damage you gain 1% all secondary stats, this buff is permanent and the stack counts up only during combat
Immortal call: Every 15 seconds of combat alive grants 0.5% all secondary stats permanently, the buff is reset upon dying.

These are just examples, the point is, having positive affixes that encourage certain playstyles and making the difficulty be from the dungeon itself, by giving the mobs massively more health and more complicated abilities would kinda be fun and less frustrating.


I’m all for affixes becoming a win condition instead of the what they are now.

Unfortunately, to Ion Hazzikostas the sole purpose of affixes is to halt and knock down player progress. It has nothing to do with dungeon engagement or player enjoyment.

Hopefully some player feedback on the test realms can persuade him and his team otherwise.

Bliz has already stated they dont want that.
As stated in an interview, they dont want sitiuations where keys become easier by going up 1 level because of affixes ect.

The best we should hope for are some kiss curse affixes that equal out if played perfectly. The very purpose of affixes is to slow us down by making it harder.

But they have heard that some affixes are at this point old and outdated, so they’re specifically looking into the level 7 affixes.


Except they’ve caused that situation with some seasonal affixes since BfA. The one with the obelisks that allowed trash skips made 10s much easier than 9s. On tyrannical weeks, we could argue that Prideful had the same effect.

I mean if that’s their intent then ok, but they haven’t actually done a good job of implementing it.

This does seem to be good news. I’m a little sus of some of the S2 affixes, I’m not sure they will play out the way Blizz think and maybe they should actually… test them? But on the whole it’s just good that they are willing to move on this front and don’t consider affixes to be carved in stone and immutable until the game ends.

Absoloutly, which couæd be one of the reasons why we wont have a seasonal affix for season 2.

Ehhh… i know in the keys i did it was always faster to skip… but thats really neither here nor there.

They are currently being tested on PTR… expect more changes to explosive… with current change they have way to much HP.

I mean, cant really say that, if it’s a decision they’ve reached because some seasons it was a problem, so they decide from that they dont want that sitiuation again.

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A permanent buff that resets on dying?

And 100% damage for an interrupt? Excessive much? Also massively biased against some classes with long interrupts.

I’m not against positive affixes, your suggestions are bad though.

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What suggestions?


“because f you, melee and tank”

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It says


Staying closer than 8yd to party members reduces all secondary stats by 5% and leech by 15%.

Not positive, but a positive effect if you do them well.

As a healer, if I clear explosives, give me a healing buff (per orb) to take care of the group whilst I was off clearing orbs. Just an example!

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It says “this affix would make ranged have more fun, which in turn would make every melee and tank feel frustrated, because they would be excluded from this fun”

they said no to positive affixes multiple times . i think affixex should not play this big of a role in m+ gameplay

ion doesn’t like m+. It was too easy and too accessible for his standards. He would rather have people suffer in raids. That’s why since the start of df he has been slowly trying to kill the mode.

  1. made dungeons mechanically harder by adding a lot of things to cc, dispel, avoid
  2. made the gearing process harder by rising the cap for the best gear to +20 instead of the old +15
  3. made a new gearing system (the one coming in 10.1) that benefits raiders a lot, but takes a huge crap on the m+ gearing process
  4. made new affixes way more cancerous than the old ones

If these above are not a sign of him trying to kill m+, I don’t know what it is then.

Thundering is positive as long as you do not screw it up.

I think the goal here is to make it so that they can’t reasonably be left to the healer and tank alone. AFAIK there shouldn’t be as many spawning now so it becomes a dps affix where they need to switch target and cast more than filler spells?

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When I play DPS, my rotation goes out of the window (on some classes) when I have to switch targets to kill never ending orbs… So annoying…

And all people have done all season is complain about it.

M+ affixes serve to make you change the way you play and approach dungeons, thats why they’re there. If you make affixes positive then all mobs turn into is damage sponges you have to drag into various areas to get the DPS benefit.

The “reward for interrupting” idea that comes up from time to time always gives me a chuckle, because once you get to a certain point your reward for interrupting is not being dead…

They’re just quick examples not sugguestions :slight_smile:

Not necessarily true.

There are many ways to make a dungeon interesting and fun and at the same time very challenging.

However, because of M+ affixes and because of the exponential scaling and the massive HP to damage Difference, the devs are forced to make some mobs damage sponges or to make the timer around slower pulls.

Here are a couple of examples on interesting mobs:

The trainee valkyries in HoV, they cast two abilities, mortal hew and a shield bash, both one shot melee and both are easily dodgeable by both melee and tank.

If a tank runs into melee they can kill them easily, if a tank face tanks they will melt, but if a tank strafes away slowly in a well defined direction, he can safely pull up more than 10 of those mobs without taking damage and without putting the melee at risk at all.

Another Good example of mobs is the purifier, he channels a one shotting swirly, that can be easily dodged by moving away ( hint : you can overlap two before moving way, giving you the chance to cast> move > cast ) and if it gets overbearing you can always interrupt.

A bad example would be spammy one shot mobs, like the thundercaller, who has it’s infamous debuff > lightning bolt combo, the debuff already almost one shots, if the lightning bolt goes through you’re 100% dead, only problem is you can’t pull 2 of these without super coordinated groups, and they spam cast even after getting interrupted and the debuff it self isn’t affected by interrupts, as such most groups are forced to pull these lightning callers one by one or use bloodlust to kill two of them before they could cast ( first 3 pack pull ).

If we had positive affixes instead of negative ones, we could get bigger mob packs, with more interesting abilities to deal with that are skill based, rather than one tap kind.

I personally think blizzard missed the appeal of M+ with their dungeon design this time around, M+ was always about pushing the limits, not safely cruising until you beat the dungeon like it’s a raid boss.

They need to enable people to mass pull and design around mass pulling.

Ok, I take this onboard

Wow this sounds like “interesting and fun”

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Take all affixes away and just make the dungeons much much harder, then everyone will be at the forums complaining it takes 16 years to kill a boss on a +15