Interesting / unique pets other than spirit beasts


New to the forums and new to being a hunter, I don’t have many tamed pets yet (a few spirit beasts and king krush) so I was wondering of some recommendations for unique or interesting looking pets.

Thanks guys, happy hunting.


You will find everything you ever need regarding our beloved sidekicks right here:

http:// com/ (just remove the spaces)

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Want to try a very unique looking pet that has a useful ability but doesn’t get enough love? Tame a Fenstrider (AKA, the tripods from Outland). They come with a water walking ability, and are definitely one of the more cool and unusual pets a hunter can tame.


I cant find that on Petopia Blazzko, is it still in the game??

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Fen Striders fall under Water Strider family which is Exotic.


You’re a goblin, I’d suggest you look into mechs. There are some cool and unique mechanical pets with special taming methods.

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