Internal debate to return

I used to be a ‘hardcore’ classic player. Hardcore as in the only game I would play. I had a blast in classic and TBCC, but in wrath I felt it a bit less. Took a small break in p1 because Naxx was boring after a few weeks but I returned for Uld. Had a lot of fun with a really decent guild in Ulduar but sadly they split up because people kept quitting. I couldn’t find the energy to go through a trial period again and I was bored of Uld so I quit in earnest.

GDKP’s started to rise up because guilds lost more and more members and frankly GDKP’s give more than loot plus they don’t have strings attached, aside from gold and a decent performance. (I’m on Pyrewood)

Now I feel the itch again but I don’t know if I should commit, so I’m asking for advice.

I really would like a guild that is good enough to see all content and difficulties but that’s not too hardcore. I don’t know if that sounds realistic. I’m also a disc priest so I need to get lucky they need one. I don’t have any gold left since I traded it away before I quit.

The thing is that I get bored fast. If I’m in a guild that struggles with people attending or progressing I’m easily fed up. My ideal would be a one- night raiding guild that clears everything, though I realise this is unrealistic, esp since ICC is a big raid.

Anyway sorry for my rant.

Look for guilds recruiting a disc priest, check their logs, see if they are clearing togc 50/50 25 and uld25 without wipes and you’ve got it :+1:

Well, flip a coin, heads for returning and tail for not returning.
When the coin is in the air, you will know what you want the coin to land on. Ignore the coin result and do what you like.


Good advice. I decided to return, at least until the new patch hits on retail, and see how it feels raiding ToC and Uld - mabye ICC again.

You will probably not clear ICC immediately in 1 night, from ptr player reports it seems to be significantly more difficult than any other raid so far.

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