Intervene not nerfed

Sooo Convoke, WoG, Triune are all getting nerfed and the fact Intervene is not kinda scares me tbh. These nerfs put Arms even higher in the food chain and 6 sec every 30 sec is getting ridiculous at this point. I hope they are aware of this and won’t nerf dmg instead. Arms doesn’t need to be fotm anymore

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Why do you want Intervene nerf and how do you want it to be nerfed?

Warrior doesn’t fall into FotM and never has, because in PvP it has always been a strong spec to play, just like rogues and mages.

Not sure why a warrior is complaining about intervene. They could maybe increase CD to 1min but any more than that would just hurt the class when we don’t need hurting.

Warriors are strong, but they’re not 1-shot strong and that’s what a number of these changes look to address (as well as palahealing).


i kinda understand why intervene wasn’t touched
first of all - it’s only for physical dmg
second - if you are intervening a cleave - like sweeping strikes sharpen bladestorm… boi, u are nuked in 2 secs, every cleave you soak to your death and demise
third - u have to be in range to intercept anything and 10y apart breaks it

it is strong, but only vs melee setups, does jack all to shadowcleaves WHICH WILL BE META SOON

Mark my words, aflock/spriest/healer will be the biggest cancer soon and dampening in 2s will make it sooner than later

Intervene is really what a warrior can bring to the table. Rallying is not. intervening a tank and save him from a kill blow is same as good as having saps and this kind of things that a warrior do not bring. Also it gives the class some character. you’re not doing no dmg when a warrior intervene but you need to switch to him for these few seconds and you need to bring your def’s up. We deserve something as good as sheep for warriors. even disarm monks can do it from range.

it gives warrior more playstyle than just “smash”.

It’s literally the only ability in the game that requires that you’ve another player present away from the fray.

You can be the best player in the world and without a person who knows or is able to be a target, the ability is utterly useless. It can at most take one hit from the target, and while I can understand it being annoying is this the big supakilla 5000 move that’s just he way it is.

My fear is not that warrior will end up breaking/dominating the meta, even if they leave Intervene untouched. (Talking exclusively about pvp here). My fear is that if nothing is done, warrior will remain, in the collective mind, the strongest class to do pvp, which will lead to loads of clueless rerollers playing it. I, like many warriors mains out there, don’t want to be assimilated to these noobs.
So, as I don’t need Intervene to be THAT good to do good on my warrior, if it gets slightly nerfed it won’t change anything for good warriors.

That being said, seeing the time Blizzard need to address real problems in pvp, I realize that asking for a nerf when there isn’t real NEED of it may be a bit… out of place.

dude you are 1.6kcr :rofl:

just ignore him probably a pala or some random fotm just posting on his alt out of saltyness rofl

Lmao no, I was genuinely thinking Intervene was getting nerfed. But I guess if you’re not asking for buff for the class you play people perceive you as troll

And? What’s your point?

No, please, continue. Continue to tell people how they’ve achieved a lower rating than you, and that their opinions don’t matter because of it. Keep laughing at other people just because they’ve not got quite as far as you have (albeit only a few hundred rating off) Everybody’s opinion matters as long as they’re paying their sub and actually logging in to play.

You have no clue intervene should be used to stop cc from your healer mostly and a 1 min xd would kill that

As if I was hard stuck at 1k6 anyway, I’ve got 2k at least every xpac for like 10 years now, ez pz. Don’t bother with this kind of player mate

go play ret pala. you can burst someone down and no need to intervene :slight_smile:

there are classes who can hit for 2k x2 or even 40k in single cast and you complain for warrior who cannot do more dmg then 10k in best cases…

Actually in this meta if u nerf warri intervene u can also remove it rog mage just tunnel warrior when u intervne and u almost die from it if u do

Maybe I’m just bad, but intervene has never seen that busted to me. It’s strong, but nothing that a druid/paladin can’t do better.

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