Is deliberately throwing battlegrounds against the ToS?

There seem to be a bunch of horde players who are deliberately throwing games, and not contributing to the fighting when they play as alliance. They dont afk but they ride around, dont cap flags and tell everybody else to “just give up” and “just lose”. Is this reportable?


Probably not.
Not griefing or harrassment or anything like that.

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No it is fine. HvH working as intended. No “win trading” here or abuse of easy honor by the Horde.


They are roleplaying the alliance attitude with those masks on.


Just keep reporting them. Blizzard are banning non participating players now a days.

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Anegdote, if you will.

Blizzard finds out about “win trading” and following dialogue happens on forums:

Blizzard: “Horde in Alliance masks, why are you losing intentionally?”

Horde: “We protest against these stupid masks we are forced to wear.”

B: “We listened to your feedback and got rid of the masks.” “Wait… Why are you losing intentionality again?”

H: “We protest against fighting for the side of the map with Alliance architecture.”

B: “We had listened to majority and making Warsong Glunch map mirrored so there would be Barrens and Horde architecture on every side in HvH.” “No, Horde! Why are at it again?!”

H: “We are protesting, because original Horde starting point is from the southern part of the map. We do not want to start from the northern part, like Alliance did.”

B: “…” remakes Warsong Glunch map geometry into П shape.

Horde to each other: “So… Who is going to be losing side now, left or right team?”


They werent banning ally last 2 years, outside of av, not sure why would they start now

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People been win trading in arena. People been win trading in horde vs alliance bg also.

What makes you think h v h would be an exception? This isnt something that magically only happens in h v h bg.

Report them. Really the only thing to do.

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Some bgs are obviously a loss when the enemy team are holding 4 bases and you have no chances. Yes, this is not a good behaviour for the players deciding to just let the other team win, but place yourself in their shoes. You have been matched against way better players over and over again with no chances of winning. At some point you just crack.

A proper personal bg mmr would fix this, cause I almost never see this issue in retail.

You see win trading with Alliance had to be organised in specific timeframe. This is new form, spontaneous and easy for any Horde to follow “Just lose on Alliance side and others will give up for your easy win on Horde side”.

Not my fault we have crossrealm bgs, if i choose to play on an rp server where roleplaying is encouraged then i should be allowed to roleplay a fishing addict coward who likes to fish

I hate this defeatist attitude, especially when there’s still a chance of winning the game. But sometimes half of the team just zugzugs at ST for 10 minutes straight while the other few players try to anticap and defend. At some point you just give up thinking “why do I even care when they’re all farming HKs at ST”

So yeah, I think that each case is different.

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Seems to me like their Alliance RP is spot on.

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The Alliance salute you well bunch of savage barbarians forced to feed upon each others for peanuts honor you’re being hilarious , I’d pay game gold to see you zug zug scalp and murder each others ! :grin:

How you primitive zug zug handle your battle is of no concern to us, stop putting us into this and go farm your honor while ya can !

This, basically hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

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