Is it just me or

Is it just me or almost every bg feels like more than half your team is leecheing off or afk, or enemy team does ? its literally join, check first 3 minutes, sit back afk the rest 10 and w/e happens happens, altabbed, wathcing youtube
more and more people feel like they have been putting less effort than bots in bg lately, why do you people even join at that point ? why join, as healer, do 2-3M healings, when even dps do more healings?

more and more often ive seen healers just q with 0 gear for fast q, and sit afk ina spot, and do absolutely nothing dragging down entire teams and games, and even when we win i still feel a bad aftertaste, like a few of us had to put the textra effort for the 2-3 afks, 1-2 0 gear 0 effort ppl in, how can you even think its “just chill” when few of us are defending bases 2-6, and you are losing it alt tabbed watching youtube when we are gearing your alt so then you can move to more “important” content, its always the low geared healers, and then once geared the move on, i made a healer, and i was geared in 2-3 hours, it really doesn’t take that much, i played maybe 2 bgs where i got absolutely destroyed because i was picking up the class, and that was it…


When the game feels like that, report them afk and ask in chat for other people to report them as well and for the love of God, when someone is asking you to report people afk, don’t become the clueless white knight that start defending them, like many do.
I even have a macro for that
/i report %t afk
You need to target the person before pressing it so %t has their names.

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if they had any sense they’d give stronger reports to high rep/high trust players. I don’t report people that are noobs and think they need to defend a base with 2 players. I don’t report people for having green gear on. I don’t report people for zerging etc. But I will report people that run to nowhere in Ashran and go afk - despite this my report does absolutely nothing and they often sit there the entire BG. I have to whine in chat just to get people to notice and report them as well.

Very dumb system that favours leeching and being toxic, rather than playing the game they clicked a button to sign up for.

@Nakamura I seem to be running into you a lot in random BGs lately. I was the Pally in the AB that you guys won earlier this evening.

seen many palas idk, i used to play bgs everyday at every hour, but too many bgs are 1sided, its often unenjoyable, between the premades stomping, and half your team sitting afk its hard to q and play without losing my mind, sometime si feel like uninstalling and focus on working and spending summer swimming

It’s almost like you should be able to queue up with a bunch of people so you don’t get stuck with players that waste a slot in your raid group :thinking:

im not getting sucked into this. i know where it leads.

I believe there is a suggestions forum section, or a way in game to make a suggestion. You could ask them to allow you to queue with 6+ players to BGs so that you don’t have to keep breaking the ToS to do so.

I can’t see it happening though - they expressly came out and said that this was not what they wanted to happen wayyyy back in vanilla or tbc. They also added a ‘Rated Battleground’ button for people that really want to play in premades.

It is located here - Group Finder (default key is I) > PvP tab > Rated tab > 10v10. Hope this helps :slight_smile: !


people always afk / leech in bgs that will never change mostly you will see people in 424 full gear doing maybe 10% of able dps of the class they are playing are capable of or they just afk at a flag / fake some dmg

Except that you’re not breaking the ToS at all in the first place. Anything you’ve specified is nothing more than your interpretation of the ToS, which is the total opposite of (A) how it’s enforced, and (B) how it’s actually written.

Have you been to school in the past? If so, can you tell me the difference between 10v10 and 40v40?


no he is right, they reduced the amount of players yuou can q in bg for a reason, now it might be hard to know when people are sniping eachothers, but it is against the ToS to do so, or overall queuing with more than max group number for that

i know what you are gonna say next “but what if i q and i casually meet 3 others that queued and 2 others that queued and i know them”
it ain’t gonna happen in the span of 1 year in most matches tho.

the fact that nobody ahs been punished so far is due to a multitude of reasons, and ill give you a few of them if you want

1° most people do not report these sort of thing.
-They might not report because they think its useless, they might not report because they want to join that system, they might not report because they don’t even know what is going on in the bg and how are they losing so bad, and they have played 10-20 bgs in 1 montha dn don’t know much about bg culture or community
Personally, i never reported a 5man group because, they are not breaking the tos, and as much as frustrating that is, it is part of the game, and another reason is that, i wouldn’t want players to be banned, we are not many players left, and id save bans only for ACTUAL CHEATERS or scammers, or boost sellers and real grifers, like that gorup that made a Rated BG LFM and when they filled the group the q and didn’t join because they were dropping mmr without saying it (wasted 2 hrs in lfg to end in that bg…)

2° blizz priority stands where the community is the most active, and focus is to be excluded from this obviously.
so its like:
WOW has pve and then collections, then features, mounts, professions, rp, and last in a very long list there is pvp, along with pet battles i assume, and in PvP you have Rated Arena 3s >>>>>> Rated arena 2s >>>>>>>> Rated Solo Shuffle >>>>>>>> Rated BG >>>>>>>> Normal BG/wpvp
Normal bg is the literal last aspect of pvp blizzard will ever EVER even check out probably, and that comes from the fact that most people, do not care about the state of bgs, bgs is just a minigame to get the the rated minigame. its like Leveling, to get to cap, people play bg mostly to gear up, anomalies like me that plays bg because they like it are too rare to make the difference

now a 5man premade in 10/15 man bg, i say it is what it is
but a 40man premade playing coordinated vs randoms, is just unneccessary, 5 good players, can already carry a 40man epic bg, its so overkill to get extra people for that
40man bgs are FILLED with low geared and alt tabbed youtube/twitch watchers, i myself am guilty of having done it a few times when i felt like the game was hopeless in the past, nowdays i don’t play epic that much, because… isle sucks, wintergrasp sucks so its 50/50 to get alterac and ashran who are the only 2 bgs i want to play in the epic bracket. I don’t ever wanna step foot in a bg that has tanks and sieeges and rockets, anything that is beyond class gameplay feels dumb and uninteresting to me, if you like it, thats up to you, personally im glad strand of the ancient is gone, and that was still better than seething shore and isle of conquest or wintergrasp probably.

i think i made my point

so, premade for bg ? lame, but w/e
premade for 6+ definetely should not exist.

oh id like to remind people that everything that doesn’t look like a major problem to you or right now, HAS been the problem for ages, and its gonna become more and more obvious the less players we have, and the less players that partecipate in pvp.
I think there is way more people avoiding pvp because of giga premades, than people avoiding pvp because i told them they sucked when they broke a polymorph, but guess which one is more likely to get myou suspended ?


Except that it isn’t. People here claim a lot with no evidence to back it up. In fact, you can contact Blizzard support and they’ll tell you to report people in-game, which then will never be taken action against :wink:

I constantly meet people I know in ebgs.

I can assure you they do.

It’s a necessary setup if you want to play with a community. There’s no other way to play EBGS with said community.

Go play a single player game if you don’t enjoy playing with others :slight_smile:

Premades have existed for decades now so Blizzard had lots of time to deal with it. So …since the premades are still around and growing I can’t help thinking why they allow it? I read a lot about it’s again the ToS but obviously not in such an extend that actions are taken? Start thinking about why Blizzard let all the groups get away with it despite many rapports and complaints…
Just for the record I do not support premades in random epic battlegrounds - it ruins everything “random”!

I believe time has changed and what was valid and what has been said back some decades ago is no longer valid. It would be nice if we could get an official statement on this subject from the 2023 Blizzard.

This isn’t how rules in games work. You don’t get a yearly update to say ‘yes, this thing we put into the game is still our stance’ - if they changed their mind they’d tell us. Thats the thing you do as a kid, where your parent grounds you for the weekend, but you still ask every few hours “am i still grounded?” You know you are.

The rule is pretty simple to understand. Premading 1-5 is not against the ToS as the game allows you to do so, premading as 6+ is against the ToS, as you can only do this by coordinating as a group to bypass in-game rules.

People love to say ‘well, i didn’t get banned, so it must be fine!’ but thats just the case because Blizzard is extremely hands-off when it comes to enforcing essentially any rule other than outright hacking. It took them over a decade to start caring about racism and bigotry in their main chat channels. It took them almost two decades to start caring about boosting communities. It took them just under a decade to address HonorBuddy.

These things move at a glacial pace and if people aren’t reporting the rule-breakers, they won’t ever be addressed. The things that generate the most noise are what are dealt with first when it comes to ToS breaking activities, so the way we get them to address this instance of rule-breaking is to continously generate more and more noise about it. This is how boosters were addressed, how solo shuffle leavers were addressed, how bots were addressed, how ninja looters were addressed, etc.

Premade abusers are the 2020s version of the ‘well, its my raid group!’ ninja looters. They were always breaking the ToS, but it took Blizzard several years to address them and start issuing bans, suspensions and warnings.

So again - report early and often. Every premade you spot in a 40 man, report their leaders. Tell others to do it as well. It is not against the ToS to inform people of the report feature and why they should use it on those that break the ToS.

As for 5 mans, it is not against the ToS, but it is absolutely anti-social behaviour that should be changed to be 2-3 as a limit, over the current 5. We can get this changed by generating noise, too.


The “random” part in Random Epic Battleground is only about the map selection.

Organizing witch hunts against people because you don’t like how they play, is against the ToS, but you already knew that :wink:

Your replies seem to build on on a lot of assumption and you try to make them look as if they are a set of rules. Your statement

sounds more like you’re basing it on a feeling you have. You can’t possibly make account for every single game company and their policies out there, so don’t generalise all games under one hat in your attempt to make a new truth.

Organisations have for decades now been very busy profiling themselves and it would only be natural that Blizzard or any other game company would come out and say what they stand for (and confirm current rules/policies or the opposite) AND most game company do. Blizzard should in particular with the more organizational and management changes they’ve had since 2004.

That’s an assumption.
and your hanging on to a straw with what might or might not having been* said 10-15 years ago.

Blizzard as an organisation changed quite a bit since 2004 and it’s only natural . Nothing is static. Games change, community changes and what players like in games have changed dramatically over the years and what might have been said back in the days just seems outdated at best. So it would be good customer service to show the community what set of rules are applied and reinforced in WoW in 2023.

Try and stick to logic instead of putting on the arrogance-hat.

Noone really knows who get banned and for what, neither do you. Blizzard always had a policy of not sharing details about their bans.

As Blizzard are not too clear about certain policies and rules I agree – keep reporting, keep making noise and hopefully we will get some more clarity and reinforcement.

If this is categorized as anti-social behaviour I believe the game has a far more serious problem with the amount of anti-social behaviour happening in normal gameplay, without consequences., than just if it’s 3 instead of 5 players in a bg group.

It should be more on their prio list but you can’t make a set of rules for everything – and shouldn’t.
Rules are good, rules give people clarity and a feeling of security but let’s not nitpick. We will ultimately be drowning in bureaucracy and rules and people have enough of that in their every day life.

Again, this isn’t how rules in games work. I can’t just break every existing precedent and rule because my personal emotions tell me that i personally think at this moment in time the rule no longer applies. That is how children think.

If I tell you not to jump on the bed and its a Monday, you don’t wait till Thursday, jump on the bed and say ‘well, i didn’t think it applied anymore, it was so long ago!!!’

What changed? Nothing? Then the rule still applies.

And listen - i get it. I was a kid once too. Seeing lil timmy jump on the bed and get away with it, made me think, ‘i wanna jump on the bed too! why can he and i can’t?!’ - but sure enough, when you get caught doing it, ‘well, he did it!’ or ‘well, you didn’t say forever!’ or ‘well, i thought you meant only this one time!’ won’t save you. Playing dumb won’t save you.

You didn’t read ONE word really of what I wrote. Okay, no point in discussing with you. You only want to hear yourself.

12 years old mentaility never changes
“everyone does it, why shouldn’t i”
“hey, its you who should do it, not me who shouldn’t”
“hey im gonna say something completely out of context of what you have been saying but its gonna sound like you are doing something wrong, like why don’t you play with friends, because thats what we do, its not like we destroy matchmaking pvp and random players”
“well maybe u should get better, like, better enough so that you can 1v5 us lol”

and so on, i always get dragged to talk with 12 years old, and im always amazed, at being amazed with myself for still doing it. waste of time, keep, destroying the game, and never look yourself in the mirror, always blame blizzard for everything.