Is it me or Elemental is off the charts?

Like seriously 2 times displacement with static totem, 1 thunderstorm, 2 stuns, grounding and interrupt on 6 seconds.
Along with some pretty insane defensiveness and damage overall.

Interrupt is 12s lasso has range and kickable/cc and totem dies by looking at it. Thxbb

Indeed it seems to be you.

Yea, if you drop it in the middle of the field. Good thing totems senselessly work outside of los though, and you can also run into los while lassoing

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Only think that not seems to fit for Elemental is that there are not casting anything for max damage, nothing too interrupt beside lasso or hex and if you are in the lasso only hex

You guys are not better then a BM Hunter, all range all insta
Welcome too the brainless club, chill gameplay Pog
Jk ofc you guys are great have fun :slight_smile:


solo shuffle stats (need to scroll down alot to find elemental)

regular 3s

ele is underperforming heavily stats wise.

its still a decent spec though especially in the right comb. Its not off the charts though.

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i think shaman utility is too much but mostly just for resto since dps shamans need to kite or connect to enemies but resto is just toxic

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Ok, i believe you guys.
Thing is im a 2.4 feral and to me as feral elementals are completely ruining me.
Im not even stretching this.
Again i believe you but look at this:
I cant cast a single Clone you guys im being displaced with static totem 2x times (= 2 interrupts so far), Wind Shear (Another one), Thunderstorm (another one), 2x stuns (another 2), Grounding Totem (not directly an interrupt but in the context of feral its exactly that) and then another Shear, and if all fails = immunity.
And this is what i get just from 1 out of the 3 enemies.
All while completely effectively disable my mobility and my ability to connect.
Like a multi challenger drove my crazy yesterday, i say this with all my ego aside.

Dont gasslight me- i know my class, i play it really well.
What is the deal here?

I know totems are 1 hit for the majority of them aside from static and the stun one but they do the job of completely screwing me over so this argument doesnt hold.
Me casting means im out of cat form meaning ill need to go back to cat form = + 2 globals to kill it, for that time, this totem did enough against me already.

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cuz the feral gameplay is just trash, shaman is a hardcounter for your playstyle, especially with a dh on his back

but yeah static field totem should be removed out of the game, and give him a talent what lowers the cd of thunderstorm. otherwise it will be too easy for double meele comps to train blue

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There is such talent and it even allows you to use it on your teammates. The main advantage of Static is that it doesn’t DR and that it works on Bladestorm for example. Anyway if they remove Static then people will play Unleash Shieald that also doesn’t DR with Thunderstorm to Interrupt even more casts.

yeah thats the thing, shaman have multiple things to interrupt cast´s but not really much escape possibilities against double meeles, im speaking of resto shaman, elemental shaman looks fine to me

but as an class, what have to cast, playing against shaman feels like a nightmare

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Static and knock back effects are annoying, but the stuns shamans have are complete piss. The only really op thing about shamans is grounding on a 24s cd.

from the perspective of a feral druid, im antied. How do i communicate this to you xD

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