Is it possible to gear up only from PvP to be decent in arenas?

I really want to come back after a long break with my wife to play WoW again :). We have tried TBC but we rlly dont have the time to play it. We noticed this discount on Shadowlands which sounds nice!

Is it possible to grind out decent gear without serious PVE only from PvP? (Not BIS just enough to have fun and maybe climb a bit in 2s :slight_smile: ) - We want to play Disc/Sub btw.

Im an only PvPer guy so since we got no PvP gear vendor life is difficult for me.

Thanks for the answers ! :slight_smile:

I don’t PvP, so I don’t know.

I hope someone will be along to fill you in. Meanwhile, I can explain some basics about Shadowlands gearing and the process in general to lay out a framework.

  1. You are REQUIRED to quest from 50 to 60 through the Shadowlands and join a Covenant. You MUST finish the questline - no point trying to skip by doing BGs or dungeons. Your Covenant gives you an ability or two and some buffs (Conduits. Soulbinds) like the old Glyphs. Though Covenants are now changeable, you will want to choose yours carefully for your class. See
  2. You will ding 60 at about item level 130, and this patch gear’s floor starts at 200, and goes up to ~250
  3. After 60, you will spend some time earning Renown with your Covenant, doing pretty much any kind of activities, but will include some World Quests, and Quests for the Covenant Campaign, to open up those Soulbinds and Conduits.

Gear from PvP is through vendors. Here is a guide to the costs and ilevels

People on YouTube have a lot to say:


Thanks, its a huge help! :slight_smile:


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