Is it worth to play wow now?

I used to play wow and stopped playing it after 1 month from shadowlands release

And went to ffxiv
Now i feel i miss wow and i have to buy the whole game again since i dont have my old acc anymore
So my question is the game worth now? Is it alive?
What things i can do in this game now ?

You could try to recover your old account. That way you wouldn’t have to do anything more than buy game time to see if you like the game in it’s current state.

Still my questions are same if it worth to back to the game and what to do in game (pve player)

no man stay in ff 14 .

Same as when you left. No real difference. New raid. One new megadungeon. One small area - not a full zone - for dailies. The Maw is a bit better now everyone can ride there. Torghast has an added layer of gogogogogogo.

No real change. Same.

Is it fun. Here is the question

Nope. The question is, always, is it fun FOR YOU?

If it was fun for you in 9.0, it will be the same now. If it wasn’t, it still won’t be.

Is it worth it?
You could do so much with your freetime

There is a massive event happening in about a month or so, and also a new patch that everyone is hyped for
i would say yeah this is a good time to return,
check wowhead and check blueposts and developpement updates
i don’t want to spoil anything but i recommend returning, you can catch up with gear and so you are ready when everything is live

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