Is multiboxing or powerleveling in dungeons bannable offense?

As title says, Multiboxing without any software, hardware automation
and powerleveling my other characters; Are these bannable offenses? Because that’s all I did. This is not an appeal. I just want to learn why my account is banned? As far as i know nothing i did was against EULA. I’m scared to play the game again now.

Multiboxing is a grey area, as it depends on certain factors. If you use a software to copy your keypresses amongst all your “boxes”, then yes its bannable. If you are manually tabbing between each client and manually executing actions, its permitted.

Hardware automation is 100% bannable.

Powerlevelling would also depend on how you are doing it.

I did it manually by just switching in between screens. About powerleveling I just did so called paladin boost with my main in Slave pens. I’ve been banned and reason says “hacking/botting” but All I did was those 2 things. It is funny you can report a person in orgrimmar for cheating as well.

Well, unfortunately, they will not discuss bans on these forums. They don’t even allow discussion of possible reasons you got banned really.

Your only option is to follow their appeals process, which will have been included in the email you got sent.

Hey Amedesfour,

You can find our stance on Multiboxing in this article. If you have been suspended, and would like to appeal, you can do so via our ticket system.