Is queuing for specific battlegrounds bugged?

Basically the only reason I play anymore is because I want to complete the Deepwind Gorge meta-achievement and get the “Gorgeous” title, so the only thing I do is queue for Deepwind Gorge specifically. However, after ~3 games, my queue times suddenly skyrocket.
After my 3rd game today I sat in a 25 min queue, my mercenary buff ran out and I decided to requeue (I know from previous experience that the queue still counts you as mercenary even if the buff runs out but I wanted to leave Dalaran yada yada yada) and I’ve now been sitting in a 34 min queue and not a single pop. I play paladin and queue as all 3 roles in mercenary mode. The first ~3 games each day have queues of about 10-15 minutes but then it always spikes. Are queue times set up to discourage specific battleground queuing this much?

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