Is ranking super deflated?

like even worse than last season? lmao i’m stuck 1,5 xdddddddd


There are 2 people at 2.4 in 2s and the highest in 3s is 2.2. This season will have less gladiators than there were R1s in in season 1 and 2 combined.

So yes, it’s actually GIGA deflated. And chances are it will stay that way until almost the end.

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OK that’s reassuring. I didn’t suddenly drop 600 rating in skill lmao

Haha no no! You are were you actually belong right now :slight_smile:


Yeah sure with sufficiently low playerbase 1500 might be rank 1.

Hope you get diarrhea.

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Wow why are you so rude :frowning: I was just trying to make you understand


nah, you just did a dumb take. expected of bad players like you, tho

not even gonna explain you why your take is bad. because you know it’s trolling to the extreme right now. meanwhile, you belong in gutters for being a lil sht

if lukien is bad then what are you? the depth of the abyss of garbage gaming?


To me it was obvious satire of typical forum reply on deflated season that how “you are bad player and belong to 1600 and bad at the game” etc :slight_smile:

I just saw it as a joke and was about to say something similar myself :slight_smile:

Chill out, wait df etc


as far as I can see, he isn’t any better than me in terms of xp. 2,4 on rogue in s3 in 2s… not recorded by check pvp at all… with all other chars below 2k in xp and all his other seasons far below it eh i call some boosting shenanigans. I mean, peaking in the deflated season and not hitting elite in the most inflated one (most s2 duelists I know barely hit rival 2 last season, many elite players couldn’t even reach duelists)? nah not to mention he is not playing right now so nobody sees the problem lol

His remark reminds of the Boosted Warrior who would also attack other people’s rating while being boosted himself :slight_smile:

As for me - am I garbage player? Well, I didn’t hit elite in s2 “when everyone did” but whatever. Sadly, playing predominantly with LFMs sets me back a lot =P as for this season, I find a lot of absolute pvp amoebas in LFM and that is really tilting. When my opponents sap my offensive ice block, my teammates die before using any defensives themselves, thinking they are all fine ^^^ I’m kinda forced to play with 1,8 xp people while I face people on glad mounts… on 1,4-1,5 mmr. this is kind of bullcrap rn

either way, trying to make lukien several tiers above me, given his record is a laughable take.

imagine if gear upgrades werent locked behind it then rating wouldnt even matter.
now nobody plays and you are stuck at 1.5k rating and cannot upgrade lolz
fun timez

i assume more people will quque once the cap is lifted

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Classic excuse.

Buddy, 2.4k > 12 seasons around 2k.

For topic its obv that season is deflated, it is summer + no significant changes, game is too boring to play until end of season


Only neckbeards and losers still play PVP seriously in WoW, that’s why you have to be tryhard af to make it to even 1.5k

Can’t believe we’ve hit a point where improving is a thing of the past


^ This.

Although it’s hard to predict what it’ll look like with wotlk classic. Retail might not see players properly return until DF.

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Only people who failed at retail will play wotlk, so i assume a large chunk of casual/bad players will migrate atleast till dragonflight.

With how much wotlk has been hailed as the “best PvP expansion evar” by people when they’ve got exp dating back that far, and when MoP isn’t being hailed as it (it’s usually either one or the other), I think a wider variety of PvPers will be jumping over to wotlk classic than just the ones who “failed retail”.

Especially when you take into account the people who complain about the glad mount color this season, and the people who are disappointed by not having a new elite set to get, the enchant illusion being what it is, and lack of meaningful changes, and so on. There are a lot of possible reasons why people might jump over to wotlk classic. I won’t, but don’t be surprised by the lack of people when it’s released.

wotlk is the best pvp xpac ever and im the king of china.


Once they get farmed by hpal war in 2s and shadowmourne andies in 3s they will come crawling back to dragonflight.


I have no doubt about that, but that would only happen after the initial hype period has passed. We all know people show up at the start of something and then fewer people remain for the end of it, it’s a pretty consistent pattern throughout WoW’s lifespan.

Everybody knows the king of china lives in taiwan. (Gonna be interesting to see how long it’ll take for forum mods to delete this joke.)