Is ranking super deflated?

Is that a country?

guess its some kind of martial arts

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… I’m not falling for that one, just go read some history books about it. It’s a pretty interesting conflict that’s somehow still ongoing.

Real answer is they are both china and both of them claim the other one is fake.

Uh no, Taiwan doesn’t claim the mainland is fake. For real, go read some history books about it. It’s way more fascinating than Putin’s soviet dream.

No time for books, we better learn how to engage in combat when ww3 starts.

Since bloodlock is in military he can help.

It used to claim but it was before ww2

The moment they have to send me to the frontline we have already lost.

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I guess you pushed too many pens old man.

I know that, but that’s because the imperialists hadn’t given up yet (which is kinda weird when the insurrectionists took up the imperialist mantle afterwards). Taiwan hasn’t been a democracy more than a couple of decades, before that it was a military dictatorship which is why it used to receive so little help from the rest of the world.

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yeah i will die on the hill that wotlk is better in our memories that it actually was.


Fun fact, i wanted to go on deployment and talked to my superior about volunteering (we have a form for that for people outside of units that go in deployment on a regular basis) and he told me he would interfer and not let me because what i do here is too important to let me be away for 6 month.

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Just like people swarming to classic out of nostalgia to realise the 300k honor week to r14 back in vanil was 1.3mil per week now in bigger servers with everyone knowing what they are doing and the min/max culture of today in everything game related

Vanil was good 2005+ something now its garbage, I have 20k gold there in classic I would like to turn into retail currency :disappointed_relieved:

bro. that would require him to “improve” of an equivalent of over 600-700 cr, with deflation in place. On one character. In one bracket. With no sight of improvement on any other character or bracket. If that’s not boosted, then what is


For the record, Classic didn’t recreate vanilla. It recreated parts of it, but not all of it. A true vanilla experience would’ve been no xrealm matchmaking whatsoever for most of it, and then slap on very small battlegroups at the end with just a few servers in each, and no region-mixing, and a population cap around 20-25% of what it ended up being in Classic.

THAT would’ve been a proper recreation of Vanilla.

Oh, and of course, absolutely no sharding whatsoever. But it kinda goes without saying with a much smaller population cap.

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That was when it was actually good :slight_smile:

When you enter instanced pvp example and see guild named Flying Circus and you know exactly what kind of match you will have

Only similar now in privas and other mmorpgs which Ive played for this type of vibes

WoW PvP right now is like Hockey was at the end of 1800. It might be a global phenomenon in the future. Expect WoW’s own Gretzky will be born around 2061 then. Game is not ever design to be taken seriously enough, because its systems and ques suck balls.

WoW PvP has to be 100% isolated from raiding and other crap. Let us play on Tournament Realms 24/7.

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we’re not in 2004. no matter how true to 2004 wow classic would have been, it would have been +/- the same. every single inch of vanilla is a web browser click away from everyone. sure you would’ve had your perfect 2004 wow but the 2020 community and online gaming world isn’t the same at it was in 2004. it would still have been riddled with mage boosting, rampant botting, and shall i say, toxic losers that try to achieve things already achieved and made trivial as hell to brag in an outdated version of a current game. things of the past are usually better being left in the past, but that’s just my opinion - and i quite spent a while on classic (+ som + bc).

Where’s the logic in that statement?

Wrath was one of the most successful expansions Blizzard made, despite it’s horrendous class balance, it was still enjoyable to play, and classes didn’t feel hollow.

And in saying that you’re calling AWC players bad, because a lot them I guarantee you will be playing Wrath over retail, which is essentially dead at the moment.

Not a single awc player will play wrath over dragonflight.
S4 is another story.

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