Is ranking super deflated?

I am not the best at math but if I remember correctly 2400 > 2278 :thinking:

Haha it is always funny hearing about the boosting :rofl: I am sure I would pay for duelist every season. I would rather say someone with 40% winrate with 300+ games at 1400 is the one being boosted :wink:

Yes :sunglasses:

I wanted spektral to boost me but he was too busy :frowning: I sadly had to stick with LFG as well…

Idk man, I feel like im godtier while everyone else is like noobtier


There is still not a single 3s team anywhere near 2400 in the EU region. So yeah, this is an incredibly deflated season. Hitting 1.8k rating in 3s would be enough to put you in the leaderboards.


You are boosted 2400 tho so it doesn’t really count.

Because you hoped no one would figure it out?

meanwhile you don’t play at all because you know you would be stuck below 1200 and that would look funny with your boosted 2,4 just last season.

if the season is deflated by like 500 cr than previously I don’t think there is any issue (also there is some context - I tried hard trying out arcane losing tons of games but it’s a dogpoo spec in the end). But go on, keep trying to poorly distract everyone from the fact how badly boosted you were last season.

Can’t we just try to be nice to each other? I mean, he asked if the season is deflated, which it is, and he got an answer. From me even. Dunno why we need to trash on other. We’re not a lot of players left anyways.

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That’s the spirit for the forum. One question how high is the deflation? Like S2 to S3?

instead of 150 rank ones we are gonna have 150 glads :nerd_face:

out of those 150 glads 50% of them are alts and 30% of them will get banned thanks to abashiri, so in total like 30 actual glads kekw.


it’s A LOT. my peak last season was 2555 which was rank 1017 at the time, and my actual normal rating around 2400 was more like rank 2000-2500. i ended this week’s session on rank 850 with a rating of 1726, not even rival. highest ranking i’ve ever been, and it’s not a peak, and we’re not even playing that well or seriously right now, so it seems super deflated and like nobody’s playing rn.

i think the forum has gotten more hostile lately. it’s always been like that, but i feel like it’s getting worse. being rude and hostile towards other people isn’t nice, and introducing that kind of negativity and toxicity to your life is just unnecessary so i avoid partaking.


Wow that’s a lot. After two days playing only ending at 1000-1100 rating i felt bad and thought “Affliction isn’t my spec” but i will keep trying to get at least 1600 this season. Tomorrow i will do my first 2s evening with a holy priest. I’m really excited how it will end.

don’t focus on the flat number - focus on your position on the ladder if you want to feel how you’re doing. there’s no need to feel bad because you’re playing at 1200, deflated season or not. you could play at 2600 and have all the titles you wish. if top 1% is playing at 6400 rating it means you’re not doing that well compared to the ladder. yeah it seems to be pretty inactive for now, yeah the MMR reset/deflation seems to be harder than necessary but the rating flat number is worthless if you can’t tie it to a %.

if anything this proves removing % based titles for the sake of “we want players to feel like they don’t have to look on a website to see if they’re getting their end of season titles” was one of the stupidest idea they ever had - and god knows how many stupid ideas they had for the last 15 years regarding pvp.

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yeah definitely don’t read too much into current ratings, they’re totally weird. hopefully it inflates back up, though i worry that people going off to play wrath isn’t exactly gonna help activity.

let’s hope that 3.0 retris and dks scare people away. :man_shrugging:

it starts off at 3.3 does it not? that’s how it was in classic and tbc at least.

Ok just play the game, so my best du get as high as possible. I think the participation will be less than any season in SL. Cause everyone wants to play DF, for warlock it is a big upgrade.

you’re right, i completely forgot about that, classic bc was based on 2.4 so we will get 3.3.5, yay!

Im glad of this :slight_smile:

Oh am I now?
This is what I mean - it is so funny that you come with claims which you are unable to backup and call them the truth. Who did I play with? What comp did I play? What mistakes did I have to improve before reaching 2.4k? How can you state that I am boosted before you see me play?

Yes my worst fear is to be roasted online :frowning:

I mean if you look at my alts I would hardly call that not playing or being stuck but ;D And like I said 385 games is usually more than I play in an entire season :open_mouth:

Umm, your mage is supposedly 2250 exp and you are currently hardstuck at 1400. 2250 - 500 = 1750 which is about 350 cr above your current situtation. I understand that in a deflated season it will be harder to reach higher ratings but even in an inflated one you were unable to while calling me out as boosted when I could do it in a not so inflated season?

I was just stating the obvious - we are like two weeks into the season and you ask these questions?

Because noone playing

Is it the lack of people playing that has lead to this deflated rating this season? Or is the the MMR resets they keep doing?

It feels so bad playing now at any point in a season. If you’re around at the start, then you’re playing at low rating vs really good opponents. If you join late, then you’re always at an uphill battle where people outgear you, always a struggle.

I wish they removed the gear upgrade requirements for this season if they’re really “experimenting” so casuals can have some fun too for a change.

would be valid if we didnt have upgrades locked behind rating.

also for the discussion cor wotlk being the best pvp expac.
I think it was thr most fun, at least S7 but it didnt age well. if you jump into it now it probably will feel terrible.

anyways all it means it that every expac had so much rubbish, if ljcky there was 1 season each which wasnt complete trash.
sl feels like every season was trash though. definitely the worst expac for pvp