Is Rated PvE content a joke?

Hello community , today i just decided to do a few more M+ to get that little chance for an extra loot like everyone else when suddenly…a healer that died x2 times in the same boss in the same fight , in the same dungeon , just randomly left the group , i know strange right ? So here’s my question to the developers and to you all , does it feel nice having your time wasted after you’ve waitted like half an hour to assemble a group and all of the sudden have someone just leave your keystone like that ? wasting like 1hour of your precious playtime ? i Think Not… so here’s my final question : Why there isn’t a ban system to this yet ? like get a weekly ban after 2 leaves and a month of ban after 5 leaves , we need to clear out the people that waste our time and offer nothing to the community , please consider making a ban system .

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Yes, indeed. People that are incapable of or are just barely beating the healer on dps needs to be banned.

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And people should stop assuming a personal scenario that happened 1 time in 1000 hours playtime and focus on more pressing matters like needless toxicity and bad social interaction , it really puts me off to see people fail and blame others , reacting by leave just because they can , ther’s a total of 5 people in party and everyone needs to pull through their share , if you happened on a party with underlevelled dps that’s on the party maker.


It happens far more often. I’ve had several academy in a row same evening where there’s dps that can’t or are just barely beating me on dps on trash and tree boss.

You will find people very devided on this topic of staying or leaving the M+. Some believe its waste of their own time to stay in a group that wont make the key and others - well just think leaving is straight up disrespectful for rest of the grp.

Now asking for respect in internet is impossible. And game doesnt have any measures that punishes leavers for their actions, only the key holder.

And personally, I think it makes the M+ unbearable to pug, especially if you are DPS looking for a tank and a healer. Having to only wasted your time for someone leaving the grp, because they think they are superior or they dont have time to waste other then smooth one shots, or any other reason. Their reality is different when both roles are on such a high demand, its possible to find another group in mere minutes. Which is not the case for DPS.

There has to be a system that punishes leavers, so before someone makes such call they have to think twice.

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Only if people who can’t or just barely beats the healer on DPS gets punished as well.

As well as people who don’t interrupt, who don’t stun, who don’t use defensives, who don’t know how to walk without pulling half the instance and so forth.

If you encounter leavers often in your keys, you’re most likely the cause of people leaving because you’re doing something wrong.

Fair point. Then have a vote to kick like system, and i know that it can be abused by premade grps, but its better then what we have now. Rio should be affected by the punishment so it has actual value, not just indicator how high of keys you have done.

P.S. I never said I do encounter them alot. But even so, thats not true, sometimes you get people leaving from 1st wipe or any various reason not involving dps for a matter. We all know how careless players can be when it comes to M+ key burning.

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I just put all the people that show unsportsmanlike behaviour into my ignore list add-on, and I do so sparingly. Not because I hate them or something, but I just see no reason to engage with them in the future again. But I also don’t want them to be banned, not in the slightest. Banning people for not playing by my rules, playing “bad” or having a character flaw of some kind is a slippery slope that you nor me don’t want to go on, believe me, only clear and proven ToS violations should remain under heavy moderation. Not liking my m+ group for whatever reason isn’t against ToS. We don’t sign any contract when I invite them, after all.

Its 2023 and key depleters have rights to it seems :frowning:

i strongly disagree , this like saying it’s fine being party breaker in a prenium service expirience , i won’t tolerate someone wasting my time because he broke up or had a bad day at job , keep your problems out of the game , this is a virtual space for people to entertain themselves , if you don’t feel like playing the game like a human being , you can search for other means of entertainment on several other sites or content , by the time you add rating and competitive elements to the content it stops being casual friendly which also means a certain amount of rules need to be applied ,some people really put some effort into this and feel fulfilled at a personal level for doing so , banning people for days or weeks for repeatedly leaving a keystone should be mandatory by now , i don’t want to have to deal with this and i believe many other feel the same , why do you get banned in PvP solo que and not in M+ , please explain the concept behind that , how’s this not the same ? do you also ignore the people you encounter there ?

2600 io are still failing on first boss in temple. it is a joke.

maybe play higher keys then

They are leaving because it is not a joke. They should nerf this content and not make it harder or introduce penalties like bans for sticking with this torture… Blizz is pulling a wildstar on us currently

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ban would not work. because they can go afk or imitate fake disconnect.
or just sabotage run and keep dying or pull everything.

If nerfing it would solve leaving, shouldn’t that mean lower keys have no leavers right now?

Because it wouldn’t work. Even if you design a fancy system that forces the players to stay, do you think they’ll contribute to the run and not just troll you or fish in a fountain? And if you give players power over each other nobody will ever join a M+ because this community abuses every single report button in the game for petty vendettas.

1 either they make you lose rating if leaving
2 make the key not downgrade if a person leave during the run.
3 Make the person get a m+ deserter for the reminder of the day
4 The person leaving gets dungeon deserter for 1day

Why not just add a “vote to end the key” system?

I have mulled over this for a long time and seen many requests for this. I am divided by this type of request but I am not adverse to the Devs increasing the loot drop a bit more and introducing a 2hr - 4hr 8hr & 12hr penalty - indicating the number of times you leave. This way players will think twice about just leaving.

The only problem is this is an unfair penalty to players who genuinely have a reason why they ended up dc’ing. So its a toss up of penalize bad play and inadvertently punish those who have genuine reasons. The latter makes me believe this will never be introduced. You just will never know the real reasons for leaving.

Stop talking nonsense. Everytime i see this type of comment i just facepalm myself.

Downed my AA key from +16 to +13 and being top DPS in every run and being left alive last sure doesn’t mean that the problem is in me.

When my key was +14 ,our healer and tank died to those 3x mosquitos at Tree boss room,the first 3 mobs that you encounter.

After that, tank pulled first grp of mobs, healer died first,with tank second and then we wiped.

By the time we killed Tree boss we had 10+ deaths.

Went to bird boss ,where tank pulled mobs and died,then healer.

They were both at 2,2k+ rating. So in the end i left my own + 14 key that was already downed from +16.

Point is, just cause you meet alot of leavers doesn’t mean it’s that 1 persons fault for it.
It’s a grp content of 5 ppl.

One thing i learned is :

  • High rating doesn’t mean anything - it’s a game where you can easily buy boost to 2,5k+ rating

  • Inviting premade of 2-3 people in ur group often ends up in failure

*It’s a bad game design to have rated PvE content , it should be removed from the game. Or at least divide PvE rating content and non rating. M+ for drops and weekly.
And another M+ for achievement.

So thing is I’ve made a post like this back in BFA and this is what everyone told me on the forums

  1. Join a guild . Tried that doesn’t work , most guilds have irl friends or players who’ve played together for years. They don’t want to group up with a newbie in the guild. Veteran guildies don’t want to carry or boost new people either. Waste of their time.

  2. Make you’re own keys , pretty much the same as joining one really. How does having my own key prevent anyone from just randomly leaving.

  3. People might have IRL issues and have genuine reason for leaving.

4 ) It’s acceptable to leave apparently if it’s obvious the key won’t be done in time. No rating , what’s the point of continuing.

Lastly coming onto forums complaining about the biggest problem with the M+ system , the forum posters will say it’s you’re fault. You haven’t tried hard enough.

I think they’re should be an endorsement system , similar to overwatch where you can rate the player. Team player , good , leaver. So then at least we got some idea who we are bringing to the dungeon.

One of our popular MVP’s keeps recommending a discord group called chilled keys. The only flaw in that channel is those members only seem to do really high keys , got the rating and the gear to take it on.

They don’t like taking risk takers , member who have the gear to do but aren’t medium or overgeared for the content. They check if you done it on time that leads back to same problem as pugging from group finder. You’re new , you want to push ? Well you get a pat on a back and good luck wishes from that discord group and that’s really it.

Lastly boosting , I used to hate boosting , boostees and players buying them. But when Shadowlands came around I honestly found them to be the best option. I am very time constrained now to WoW. Going from 2-5 hour player a night and all weekend down to 6 hours a week if I’m lucky. Most of that is taken up by raiding , however we are now getting all the Raz hc in one night. Boosting just has that convenience factor. When I saw how many people were doing it. I just realized i’m really not an outsider for doing it.
It’s a good way to catch up your alts to do the content you want to play instead starting all the way back to zero.