Is rogue still good 1v1?


Its been a while since i play rogue, they used to be great 1v1 and ganking people, but I wonder if that has changed…


Long story short: Yes. Go assassination.

(Vulrin) #3

Play assassination or don’t bother. Be prepared to get your face pushed in vs rets, unholy dk, maybe ww monk and very likely DH/A good druid player. Sustain = your demise.


Like what Vulrin said:

If you are NOT going to vanish and blind to avoid major cooldowns ( like dh’s Meta ) you will be eaten alive.

(Сшва) #5

imagine seriously caring about 1v1 in 2019.

(Vulrin) #6

Its not caring about 1 vs 1, its about being able to comfortably goon squad people on your own without being taunted by the idea of “if only I could decently heal myself” and basically dying to 90% of encounters cause their class > yours.


You would be surprised to learn that a lot of people care about 1v1.
What you meant is « Imagine thinking that the game is balanced around 1v1 ».
A looooooot of people actually care for 1v1 :).

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