Is shadowlands actually better than bfa?

To my experience people only did IE for the weekly ap gain and that’s about it
sure it was fun, like the first 2 times then we realized it wasn’t procedurally generated like they said it was in the announcement and the maps and things to do were always the same

boreghast is just a diablo 3 rift, even vases are all over the place, its a worst editrion of diablo rifts

no clue what in common had diablo with bfa LAWL

i think you’re confusing torghast with m+, because m+ is what you are describing, infinitely scaling content and that’s it
torghast (for now) only scales up to layer 8 and has some little fun things inside of it that can make your run easier (like this month’s blindness pot that gives you 75% more damage)

im describing torghast the vases and the effects are similar to rifts and they are all over the place, it meant to be dynamically changing as well, TC supposed to scale to ‘infinity’

m+ was introduced in legion and it was by far the biggest innovation in wow

Of course not, BfA is better compared to SL.

BfA was pretty much superior at almost every aspect and any given patch including first one.

Like there is no comparison here.


Well we have two different opinions.

Had so much fun casual world questing in BFA I got 10k world quest achies done pretty quickly out of nowhere and felt like a nolifer.

Many world quests were crap in BFA, I agree but they took like 1 minute for me to complete so I did them just for rep.

Like collecting Azurite for example.

In SL, I get less % per mob kill, theres fewer mobs, theres fewer objects to pick up, and theres usually hidden steps like activating robots and kill a boss.

It would not have been a problem if SL rewarded more. Like, instead of just rep and some anima token, also bags with profession items or something.

Same with Torghast. Twisting corridors should reward anima, stygia and items too based on how many mobs you kill per floor, better rewards if youre solo.

This is why for me, Shadowlands feels unfinished. They forgot to add some rewards for chores. They seriously need to hire some new devs by now. It feels like im back to WoD where Nagrand mobs gave nothing but rep tokens I turned in. No gold or items, just rep. :confused:

Hell no
/10 char

They’ve dug themselves a hole and they just keep digging…

Ain’t no gold in bottom of that hole.

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In my opinion, BFA was the worst expansion until SL came and took that crown. SL is terrible. Lots of things are broken (balance, game systems, etc), very little gets fixed, the content is small, Torghast and the Maw are mind-bogglingly boring, etc, etc, etc. SL is simply trash.

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They didn’t. They wanted a lot of things (WQs included) to feel optional, and they do.

You can’t argue that the game systems are 100 times better. Did you forget corruptions in the beginning stages? The m+ weekly box, Azerite system,… The fact that you can just pvp or do M+ and be 226 ilvl is huge. The game feels much less grindy and more rewarding.

I have to say the aestethic of the game I’m not happy with. I loved Boralus/Zuldazar much more than Orbibos, it feels like it has no soul. The zones are like theme parks.

So I feel BFA looked better but the systems were very bad.


pvp gearing is the worst it ever was…it induced boost to win meta…most of the people literally cant fully gear up this season unless they buy a boost…its like the system wants to punish the low skilled players making them unable to even try to fight for their rating at a fair gear level but are left down to get harassed by people that did buy boosts and RBG heroes out of which most of them cant walk and chew bubble at the same let alone play arena but are prancing around in them 226 gears oneshotting noobs lolz.

worst and greediest pay to win system we had blizzard serve us yet


WQ = bounties
M+ = GR
Warforge / titanforge = primals and ancients

LAWL :blush:

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I preferred BFA -

SL Zones aren’t interesting, and travel time between zones takes far too long.

Raid mechanics where one person making a mistake wipes the raid, and the poor balancing for smaller raid groups.

Awful world quests, though thankfully there’s no more turtles…

Bad loot rewards.

I’ve seen lots of people either quitting raiding, or unsubbing altogether recently - I’m an ancient player (in my 50’s) and feel that my best WoW experiences are behind me now, as I’m too old/slow for the high level content, and dailies / Torghast /The Maw just feels like an unrewarding grind.


Bit too early to say as we havent seen the full patch cycle, but atm id say i enjoyed bfa more than shadowlands.

Atleast in bfa we had world content other than world quests. Shadowlands feels extremely instancey


corruptions are just replaced with broken covenant abilities, which you are forced to pick if you want to participate in raids or m+, which leads some classes to be way too op than others, which leads the balance to be no where to be seen

raids are not rewarding, m+ is not rewarding, so ye sl is not really rewarding unless you do pvp, and we all know what percentage of wow players do that


SL is much better than BFA at curing many players from wow addiction.


i ALWAYS had something to do in bfa. never felt “i did everything”. never got bored of the expansion.
people complained about having too many dailies/weeklies. they complained because they had to choose which one to do.


Difference between SL and BFA is this
SL - LOG in on my main do weekly 4 dungeons calling weekly Quests + torghast
log in on my ALT do 4 dungeons calling and weekly Quests + torghast
log in on my 4 other alts do just calling for free gold income
TP to my covenant sanctum log off
WATCH netflix

BFA - i was playin everyday spaming m+ raids and islands for cosmetic
i was doing arathi rares darkshore rares mechagone nazjatar valley rares
uldum rares.
i was having alts with same ilvl as my MAIN
doing raids and m+ spam with them and guild mates all the time
i was actually enjoyin WQ where you need to do kill one elite
i had 10 character with all exa reputation and i was doing paragon boxes for f
free gold income

Now the only diff between BFA and SL is you know what? that In BFA i log off because i was going to sleep
now i log off becuase im bored and i don’t know what to do :smiley:


To each to its own. BFA bored me whereas SL does not. I mean, farming systems on alt was enough for me to alt f4.