Is shazzrah full


This is so tricky at the moment

Most populated servers are Full, and this translate into:
we all want to play with our friends so we go there
Queues will be massive
People will leave to other servers
Other servers get massive queues

Not blaming Blizz but starting with only 2 PVP servers and then only opening 1 more at the time
I do understand that they have to make server get populations so they can open a new one (no Low pop server, but is was badly planed.
Now everyone wants to go to the most populated server, and then all leave, and then again all server will have issues due to server hopping.

All my friends are pending on Queues right now, not knowing where we can play with a good and healthy population and not so long Queue


My entire country decided for Golemagg too. I decided for Zandalari Tribe.


@Jinseng China is going for Golemagg? That’s pretty big news. Tell us more.


Yep. Why do you think it’s full? 1 403 500 365 accounts got to go somewhere. Zhu doesn’t want to go though, he wants to roll on Shazzrah. We already sent a province party chairman to convince him.


There’s going to be queues on all servers.
Some may have shorter others may have longer.

It is to be expected when some 200k+ people login in simultaneously.


Many people won’t even get into the queue on those servers. Perhaps Blizzard should now make a queue for a queue for login. Blizzard’s greed and people’s stupidity came together and created the perfect storm :ok_hand:

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Nope, you’ll be able to chat with your friends all the day while you all will stay in the queue :stuck_out_tongue:

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Blizzard does not really know where players will be going. I reserved names on 6 servers using two accounts, yet I’m obviously only playing on one of them. But Shazzrath will be overloaded, that’s no question.


Shazzrah is the biggest organic classic server


Problem with that train of thought is that you don’t have to play with your country.
That’s the beauty of internationality!


Hands down the best response I’ve seen for “[x] country have DECLARED that they are ALL going to [y] server!” posts.

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I wonder what greed has to do with this?


They’ve opened only a few servers to cut the costs.

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I don’t think adding virtual servers cost blizz more than adding virtual layers.
Not saying they handled this well, but greed and costs don’t have anything to do with amount of servers.
They are afraid of dead servers, but a little too afraid at this point imo.


You have missed the mark 100%

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The queue on those full realms is going to be horrendous, but then again I think there are full realms and full, full realms.

A full realm may have 20,000 people on it but a full, full realm may have 50,000 on it. These are guesstimate numbers.


Come to Firemaw my friend


No I didn’t. They are opening new servers since, lately Mograine which is due just a day before launch. I was 100 % right.


They haven’t hidden their concern by saying that Shazzrah and Golemagg will be so full you won’t even REACH the queue, and if you do you will have to wait several hours before being able to log in.

Given that APES, Dreamstate and Grind will be on Gehennas, I’ll avoid that realm too. This leaves me with Firemaw, which (as of this post) is also marked as Full.


It’s not about cost cutting … So yes, you did miss the mark :stuck_out_tongue: