Is SOO fixed in 8.2?

SOO, specifically the second boss - the team of three monks - was broken before 8.2. One of the monks was refusing to die and was constantly going to 1 hp then regenerating back, you had to drop combat and teleport out to end it and you couldn’t get through. Did anyone do SOO after 8.2, is it now fixed or is it still broken? Asking because I cannot currently check myself, but if it is broken, that’s quite bad.

Huh? I never experienced the bug to be honest.

I haven’t been in siege past 8.2 yet but I was having a challenging issue where they would stay at 1 with 2 down , I dropped combat several times didn’t leave the area and just let them respawn I did pass it eventually in that long session just make sure you pretty much kill the 3 together while I was in the middle of the 3 of them . Beast M hunter so it was a little uncomfortable being that close.

Hey Mellinora, I had to go and check but it does look like this is resolved now and they shouldn’t get stuck at 1 hp. If you do happen to find this happen again (and have ensured you’ve still gone through the mechanics of course) please do let us know with a bug report!

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Did whole raid 2-3 days ago with no problem except combat bug on Spoils of Pandaria.

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