Is the Spirit of Echo'ro easy to get?

Saw on wowhead that I can get it now until August 22.

For those who have gotten it or knows more than I do, is it easy to get?
How long does it take?
How much work is it?

Thank you!

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It is fairly easy. There are videos online with all info.

Its basically just pick up quest and do a bit of archaeology, Takes maybe 30 minutes to complete.

I did it back in legion. Can’t remember exactly how long it took, but I think I just watched a series or something while doing it. Fairly easy, just a little time consuming. I assume it’s even quicker now since you probably won’t aggro any mobs while doing archeology. (and if you do, they’re one-shottable)

Thanks for all the replies, will log onto my druid and attempit it right now.

Can update when I have it :smiley:

I have gotten 76/600 right now, it’s pretty easy, just annoying lol. Will get it in a few days easily with just farming it here and there, don’t think I want to finnish it in one sitting. Watching some Netflix on the other screen :smiley:

Back in legion it was easy but took a ton of time. I suppose it should be even easier now because mobs wont be attacking you in digsites anymore.

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Just got the mount.

Didn’t take alot of time, you can easily do it in a day with no issues.

I farmed in multiple sittings since I did not want to do it in one sitting becuase I find it boring.

Well I have it now. Really cool mount.

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Thank you for posting this, Just got mine!

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