Is the Whisper of N'zoth questline removed?

Specifically, the pre-8.3 questline about saving Ebonhorn from Old God corruption and finding Wrathion. I did every prerequisite completed, but the earthwarden at Boralus doesn’t give me any quest to me now.

Can anyone confirm if this is the case? If so, it’s a real bummer. I wanted to complete the story before moving on to the current storyline.

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Seems indeed it is gone. I had put it off myself to do it, started it day before patch but decided to wait and do it same day as patch. When I logged in next day quest was just gone. I wrote a ticket about it to get some answers.

I hate them removing content but what makes me the most angry is them not saying anything about it. Blizz, please communicate with us. Just a simple “Hey the questline will be going away in 8.3” had been enough.

Edit: I have gotten a response to the ticket and the quest is indeed removed. Since it is a “breadcrumb” quest leading up to events and those events are now happening there is no purpose of the quest according to Blizzard.
Again I hate they remove content but the thing I hate most is they do not let us know. Just a simple notice a bit before patch goes out is all that is needed.


That means another piece of the history of the game that only will be “available” for players in youtube. Great job, Blizzard.


Personally I might just have missed some content since I haven’t done the endgame raid quests, but I was a bit puzzled when Baine was standing in Orgrimmar like the new boss. Was that in the Sylvanas clash situation and I forgot?

I also just discovered some non-legendary quests about visiting some places.

My general point is that Blizzard seems willing to sacrifice continuity / story consistence for the sake of immediately unlocking new content fully.
I have mixed feelings about that.

The problem is the story of the game is a total mess, anyone trying to play all the story of just one expansion could get mad triying to understand in wich order is everything and what things are missing.

Blizzard’s devs should try to themselves in the shoes of a new player who want to play the story or even old players who want to replay it. They could make some sort of optional Main Story Quest like FF14 or TESO to guide the players who want to play the story in order, and maybe let those lore quest that are no longer relevant only in that story mode.

This expansion’s storyline is just pure HELL: it’s so complicated! On top of that they removing quests… Facepalm.

They really don’t see why that is important, or why anybody would want it.

Maybe because some people care about lore more than having 20 alts.

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I did not even know this quest was there. Was it good?

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