Is there still some item tuning planned? Trinket heavily undebudgeted

It’s great when you get underbudgeted items from the vault in the first week on TWO chars. It secondary stat is less on average than from a 272 trinket, and the primary stat is even less!?

Any fixes incoming?

How is 942 haste less than your avarage 272 trinket on a 2 min cd?

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about +125 int on ilvl 278 changeling compared to +107 int on the ilvl 304 meathook.

942 on 2min with 20s means ~ 157 secondary stats (when used on CD)
Changeling has 1.5 real ppm, which means on average gives ~165 secondaries.

Additionally to the massively lacking primary stats.

But thats comparing an on use trinket to a proc trinket.

Noticed the same thing with a 298 trinket upgraded through valor having less agi than a 272 heroic trinket from last season. Primary stat scaling needs addressing on these items as they just arent viable atm.

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