Is this an abuse I have to report?

A Horde player not only ganks us on Firemaw… He feared us so we get stuck in the chimney of the house next to flight master. We can’t move, and we can’t teleport because he constantly interrupts. He doesn’t kill is - he makes playing the game completely impossible.

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sounds like an awesome dude


Maybe he thinks your bots actually, its the perfect thing to do with bots.

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Its a pvp server and you basically got rekt. Do like normal people do, log out and do something for an hour. Then come back… :wink:


Something tells me he’s referring this

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Start an alt so when this happens you can go play on that.

Posting from a retail dragon character is a good way to make people disregard anything you say.

Seems the guy found a funny and creative way to keep the OPPOSING faction down.

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Two weeks ago, there was a dwarf priest at max level with a dwarf warrior (also max level) ganking lv30 and below horde players in Hillsbrad via mind controlling and sending them to attack hostile mobs, only to stop the mind control when they’re 10% hp or below so the deaths would count as PvE kills (aka armor durability damage)

I think we might need a small community of players from both sides who would try to keep people from being too jerky. Of course with or without it would be fair as this is how WPvP like.

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