Is wow classic pay to win?


Greetings travelers of azeroth and classic wow friends and also hello to bfa gamers reading this ofc

so there are many multiboxers out there farming honor and my question is wow classic pay to win cause they rank up easy and have advantage it seems

(Jagarde) #2

Yea…sure …

(Miylee) #3

No, honor gained is divided through all in the party. A multiboxer might easier plow through solo players and groups of 2 or 3 friends; but multiboxers get rekt by raid groups of 5 or more people roaming around.

Solo players < Multiboxers < co-ordinated groups of friends and/or guildies.

Can’t buy friends and guildies.

(Dottie) #5

What do you win? Seriously. You just get honour.


ranking pvp gear maybe ofc


I mean, if they’re getting access to the high rank gear that no one in the lower ranks can get then…technically yes it is in that instance? Bit of a stretch though.

(Miylee) #8

There’s not a cat in hell’s chance that you’re going to get a good honour rank by multiboxing mages and killing people in Kargath.

Multiboxing just makes it easier for you to grind gold. That’s all, really.


How is it easier to rank in pvp as a multiboxer?

Ganking some noobs now and then, sure. But grinding honor, how does multiboxing help in any way?

(Sneakyfists) #10

NGL, climbing the ranks by multiboxing not only sounds inefficient but also like a good way to paint a massive target on your back, especially once you get high enough, word will spread quickly.


Multiboxing is a joke, and not too many players do it anyways.

Things become gamebreaking when too many people do it and mess up the game for everyone.

Like the Spy addon cheat tool.

They say it was in Vanilla (dunno if that is true or not) and now in Classic so many players use it it totally messes up many players gameing experience!

I think we all agree that if a player use an Addon it should NOT affect other players in any way!

The whole reason Spy addon is a cheat is that it breaks this rule!

Rogues and Feral Druids are forced to run away and stealth, then come back even if you have not seen them the Spy addon cheat tool would have alerted you if they dare to stealth nearby, so your addon is game breaking for Rogues and Feral Druids, Spy Addon ruins the gameing experience for other players and it is in no way a tool ever intended by Blizzard to be used against stealth players and since MANY players choose Rogue, this cheat tool affects a lot of people ruining the fun for them, the whole reason they picked Rogue was probably it’s core mechanic that is stealth!

Like I said before anyone defending Spy Addon is a pathetic cheater.

The same thing is true for Multiboxing, if many players would do it not only a few, then it would completely mess up the game for other players who don’t want to do things in the game that are gamebreaking for others.


Nah. Multiboxers can win some occassional 5vs1 and get honor points like 30-40 per char? But when they die, they get farmed for hours by different groups. In fact multiboxers are free honor for others.

(Sneakyfists) #13

Hate to break it to you this late but that horse ain’t getting back up.


Multiboxing being pay to win?
That would only be the case if Blizzard sold you the software, which they don’t.

(Trajan) #15

You can probably make a reasonable argument saying that multiboxing is a form of pay to win. You are paying Blizzard extra and in return you receive more power as an individual player.

Honor farming wouldn’t be the approach I would take making that argument though. It seems like it is rather an example of very sub-optimal farming that is mostly done for the entertainment value.


Multiboxing is mainly pay to win in terms of gold per hour. However if the multiboxer uses 3rd party software for example to copy keystrokes then it’s a form of botting, sadly they don’t get banned for this as blizzard makes money from them.


No it’s not botting

You can google “Is multiboxing botting” and see for yourself


Multiboxing and using software to automate part of your gameplay is not the same.

(Trajan) #19

You can have a philosophical argument about whether copying inputs to multiple clients is botting. However in WoW Blizzard ultimately gets to decide what they define to be botting, and that definition does not include common software used for multiboxing.


Thats play to win if so not pay to win


Multiboxing is allowed because Blizzard’s greet knows no limits. But it’s sure fun to camp multiboxers, so that they waste that extra money on multiple corpse runs with 5+ characters.