Is wow classic pay to win?

I always wondered why they don’t disable follow function completely, is there any purpose for it except for multiboxing or /afk following someone?

You just do this one thing and all the multiboxing drama will be gone

Isn’t multiboxing disallowed in pvp? Pretty sure you’ll be banned for it.

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If 5 orginized friends will fight vs multiboxer with 5 accounts - 95% that friends will win.
Friends amount better than accounts amount!

If 1 gnome will fight vs 5 friends - 95% that gnome will die.
If 1 gnome will fight vs multiboxer with 5 accounts - 75% that gnome will die.
Gnome will die highly likely if will fight vs superior number of opponents.

multiboxers are like honor piñatas, just whack em about with a sapper and watch 1k honor fall down into your combat log.

It’s allowed in pvp, it’s not bannable in any way… however /follow won’t be in BG’s so thankfully no one has to deal with it… a 5box in wsg or AB is a huge burden, normally it’s to heavy to carry and loose the BG… a boxer in AV is a god send when on your team and a nightmare to play against, but that’s because AV is nearly more PVE than PvP.

The only reason they removed follow from BG was to remove the honor leech bots, the fact they hit multiboxers was just a side effect blizzard didn’t really care about. Like they always said, the play style is allowed but they won’t support it, and if mechanics changes for a different reason stop it, so be it.

Seriously i can only laugh at these posts.
Spy addon has literally separated the good rogues from the bad rogues.

Yes it is.
In general a game is considered pay-to-win when a player can gain any gameplay advantage over his non- paying peers. Such games are called " pay-to-win " by critics. … A common suggestion for avoiding pay-to-win is for payments to only be used to broaden the experience without affecting gameplay.

Dunno how to twist it so its isn’t pay to win,but here we got smart fellas will come up with something.

The power of multi-boxers is significantly diminished currently.

Normally they get the protection of always running in a pack, allowing them to farm both herbs and mines with impunity, and to easily overpower anyone they encounter in World PvP.

With servers so crowded, there is always competition for resources, and the multi-boxer is more likely to either be massively outnumbered (and you can guarantee they gets camped if found) or on the dominant faction and stuck fighting for scraps of honor from zerg raids.

Challange accepted

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Remember when there was a new “ban multibox because it will break wPvP in classic” nearly every damn day? Cause that is clearly what is f’d up on Wpvp atm!

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sad times :frowning:

OK but this does not apply to multi-boxing in classic. 5 multi-boxed characters have no significant advantage over a 5 non-boxed party. Broadening the experience for the player is what multi-boxing really is. There is no winning.

Of course a party of 5 have advantages over a party of one. There is nothing wrong with that. Whether there are 1 or 5 players controlling 5 characters is completely irrelevant. What you see and interface with in game is the characters, not the player(s).

All this pay-to-win whine nonsense only reveals your bigotry, narrowmindeness and jealousy. There is nothing else.


Wasting your breath I’m afraid
They not allowing for the mindset that multiboxs tend to have, the patience required for the endless hours playing with macros, trying to figure out where to park your toons for every pull for every instance, the hundreds of wipes that happen that a regular 5man group would just survive because of movement and ability to think 5 different things at once’s
They apply their own mindset to how they perceive others to think. Thus creating the “multibox are griefers because if I was a multibox, that is what I would do, so therefore that’s what they are”

It depends on how you define it, as well as what the multiboxer is doing.

If you purely consider gold farming, it is kind of p2w, since ultimately all gold earned in the party is yours. Same about dungeon farming.

From one perspective, you can consider it two characters. From another, it’s an advantage that not everyone can afford (the hardware to run it).

I don’t consider typical multiboxing compositions (mages, warlocks) very useful, unless the characters are later transferred to other accounts (sale is forbidden).

You could however have a party of 2-3, I’ve seen a warrior leveling some mages, but you could throw a priest in the mix, too. That can make leveling quite convenient.

Some private server even experimented with AI followers. Personally, I’d find it fun to play 3 characters at once like that. It wouldn’t be classic, though.

EVE online more than supports multi boxing, and it can be fun and for sure it’s very lucrative (game-wise), but then it forces others to also get more accounts (more subs) to be somehow competitive and after that point it feels like 1 sub is just a trial and if you want full experience, you need at least 3 more subs to make it work :smiley:

Its do not matter, how hard or easy it is. You pay to gain advantage, otherwise why somebody would pay cash for it? World of warcraft goes under pay 2 win definition. Skip the content - 1 person multiboxing 10 characters will level up them lets say in 3 months, non- multiboxer will level up 10 characters 1-2 years? Game resources = gold= buy all what game can offer to you for that currency, gear,resources, boosts.

Isn’t that just a fact, multiboxing goes under p2w definition ?

Im not jealous or whatever you say it is, just stop spreading your propaganda.
Its not like I cannot afford multiboxing or set them up for multiboxing, so skip that one also :slight_smile:

I already said you were narrowminded.

And little at that

Multiboxers are free honor, unless multiboxer farms his 40 other chars on opposite faction with his main he wont be able to achieve any sort of high standings.