Is wow [kinda] dying ?


ive been playing on and off since tbc and ive never seen anything like it before.
the world is empty. i used to walk through azeroth on almost any region and i would almost always see other players but now im constantly alone on the field, i dont have time to play on the rush hours but still, it feels different.

i enjoy the game, probably because i just came back after a long hiatus, but the game feels like a single player game most of the times.
i dont know whats going on, but to me its weird.

is it just me ?


game wont “die” for at least next 2 expansions (4 years) but yes its losing a lot of players


People are leaving because this is an mmorpg which offers very little to strife for. Also Character/XP/Gearprogression are just all over the place. Your character gets gear faster than you as human can accumulate skill and experience to actually do the content which is meant for the gear you have. Its turning people off. On the other hand WoW still has no real competitior in my eyes and is still overall a good game. Its just, it could be a lot better.

This game has a downwards trend since WotlK, so its dying since 2009 or sth its a very long process and it properly keeps dying for another decade until its finally dead.

PvP gear is useless for PvP

ESO had to increase it’s servers because of a sudden influx of new players.

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There are more boosting service groups up on lfg than actual groups and it isn’t mid expansion. Haven’t seen it this bad yet.

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Removed, because reasons.


That’s a really worrying description


I think games like everquest lasted far longer than they were/are relevant. In other words, games last a long time, and “die” slowly.

Even games like LotR and Swtor, which are “dying” are still “going” but who knows for how long.

But, it has occurred to me, over time, warcraft HAS become a single player game for probably 90% of the users.

And, when I started playing this game (vanilla) I was drawn to it for its Mmo features. But, for some time now (really took me a long time to realize it), blizzard is now crafting a single player game.

Azerite and before that artifact power, are 100% single player concepts, for creating an artificial feeling of “progress.”


Thank God someone said it.


The world it’s really big at moment … there are people levelling and with war mode on or off you can see only the players with the same warmode as you .

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Heh, I suppose.

I like what Grubby said about a similar topic of discussion in regards to Heroes of the Storm after Blizzard de-emphasized that:

I think that’s a good way of looking at a game. The whole concept of games dying and being dead is sometimes a bit silly.


WoW is dying but isn’t dead yet, and death is not certain. At the moment, the game is too bogged down in “getting all the gears!!!” as its one and only end-game goal. Raiding? Get better gear. PvP? Get better gear. M+? Get better gear.

WoW just needs to focus more on story, giving people more to do than just drip-fed weekly quests.

They also need to give players more player-driven content in a dynamic world. WoW is strangling itself with all the instanced and restricted and time-gated content in the game. It’s both clearly trying to spread what little it has as far as it will go, but it is also just making the game bland and soulless by not making the world actually live and breath!

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I think dying is the wrong word, loosing players is what’s what is happening. Blizzard are not adding new content at all.

Every expansion is pretty much a reskin of the previous in recent years. Plus the lack of actual MMO feeling and more and more RNG has pushed people to play other games.

I have moved on, I’m playing ESO and loving every second!! It’s like a brand new game to me.

Wow in recent years has become too easy, there isn’t any MMO feeling anymore… you stand around, use LFG tool and that’s it…

We don’t play WoW anymore, addons play it for us.


The thing is. If you want to socialize, what’s stopping you ? You can do every content in a group of people you know. 99% of the time it is faster and better.

So , what’s stopping you ?


I disagree.

We need LESS story crap.

We need LESS (single) player-driven content.

These are exactly the problems.

We can leave that kind of junk around, for those that like it.

But, having challenging content that REQUIRES coordination of people or groups is what makes the game great. Relationships between people has always been the gold of warcraft. Everything else is just pixels.


I am still thinking about community when I mean player-driven content. Servers should be able to say that “well, the Horde have done X, therefore we need to do Y” but this might not be the case on another server.


2 years left on the calendar when i last checked…
They used to go more than that ahead. Maybe something there, maybe not . hope not I like wow a lot.


Nah, it’s not. If Blizzard some day decides to shut the game down private servers will live for years.

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I’ve seen these WoW is dying! posts since the first expansion in TBC. My server is still quite populated, I still enjoy the game. I recommend joining a guild and/or trying to build a group of friends.
It’s sadly one of the aspects of WoW that has been suffering over the last many expansions with more and more content and character progression being queu-able and not requiring you to even say “Hi” to another player.
Especially while leveling but even at cap too.
If you’re on a low pop realm tho I’d assume many of the old zones are pretty dead at this point.


It’s not dying, it’s just not as big a game as it once was. Everquest is still going, and wow would be the same… carrying on with a smaller player base.

They really should merge and close some server… then it would feel more alive.

Even with cross realm I don’t see many people when levelling alts.