Is wow [kinda] dying ?

(Jito) #42

It could be 30 or 50 or 60. It was just to illustrate the line of thinking.

Would you say WoW is in its prime? No. The game is sort of past the days when it peaked in popularity. But does that mean it is dying? No. The game can continue for a long time and be a wonderful experience. It’s a weird line of thinking to insinuate that it is dying because it is no longer breaking subscriber records.

If you swap WoW out with a person, then it’s similar to say that you’re past 20, so you’re not in your prime anymore, and it’s basically downhill toward death!
That’s morbid and no one perceives a long timespan that way.
….But on the forums it’s perfectly normal to speculate in the “death” of WoW. Why’s that perceived as normal? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s all I was trying to say. If you’re 40, I’m not saying you’re a dead man walking. I’m trying to say that even discussing the matter (as we do with WoW) is silly. You find it absurd that I insinuate it, so it should be equally absurd in regards to WoW. But for some reason it isn’t…

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I know we don’t have any sub numbers these days and friends come and go every expansion but it still seems to have a pretty solid playerbase. I think something should be done with dead realms to bolster their populations and give them stronger economies.

Hopefully they’ll learn from the mistakes they made in BfA.

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Yeah yeah yeah, alright Jito lol I’ve got a spade here that might help you dig yourself out of that hole :wink: I understand your analogy.

Dont take it all so seriously! You young whipper-snapper

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@Wushupanda: For many servers this makes a major difference… Just as a small example from a server that has a bit more WCR data, Silvermoon…

Morning around 6 server time:

Alliance about 412, horde about 34.


Prime time peak about 20-21 server time:

Alliance around 5549, horde about 282.

(Jito) #46

Usually when I try to clarify and re-iterate, I just dig deeper. :laughing:
So I’m just gonna, you know… :zipper_mouth_face:


my grandma is in her 90s, before she got sick see was more alive then ever in retirement.
if we compare wow to a person, the way i see it, is there are highs and there are lows, but what wow is like now is like suicidal low…
on reread it sound much darker than i originally intended it to be :expressionless:

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I disagree, but not everything you said. I don’t believe the sole reason people are leaving is because gear being “easily” accessible like you are claiming. In fact, most PvP’ers and some PvE’ers wanted gear vendors to progress outside of RNG drops.

I believe the main reason WoW is dying, is that they failed at keeping the game relevant. Back in the days, they used to inovate by implementing new fun stuff. Nowadays, they are just focusing on providing the minimum in term of contents quality for a maximum of profits generation. Basically, less time and resources investment for maximum possible money generation.

I was looking to foward to trying FFXV but then I saw some of their male characters with cats’ ears and tails, it completely destroyed my desire to try it.

  1. Warfronts
  2. Island expedition
  3. warmode
  4. azerit traits
  5. now heart of Azeroth changeable traits
  6. world quests
  7. mythic +
  8. allied races

They are not trying out new stuff ? Maybe it would help them to try out even more new stuff if people wouldn’t wish the developers death , just because they didn’t like the new feature.


Yep it feels like that often while levelling the toon .

(Crisswyn) #51

Basically Ashran without the actual PvP

MoP Scenarios but grindier

Turning PvP On / Off

A worst version of old talent trees

Old version of talent trees

It’s like dailies but instead you redo the quests you have already done while you were leveling, given you’ve completed all the quests, otherwise the first it will feel new to you

Reworked version of MoP’s Challenge mode

Just new races but worst since 5 out 8 of the new races are recolors with some tatoos and new horns. And they are locked behind rep grinds and other requirements.

See you made sure to quote only what suited your narative there. I said “they used to inovate by implementing new fun stuff”. You made sure not to quote the fun part of my statement.


What an original topic this is.

slams head into desk


I am levelling Alliance on Draenor and have no issues at all getting quests done… I find once I get to around level 45-50 I hardly see a soul… even with cross realm.


Than show me any genius ideas blizzard had before. If we are allowed to look at them like this , than I will point out where all other ideas of them were done before.

… but you won’t. Like always

(Punyelf) #55

Another rare Alliance on Draenor :slight_smile:


I have lots of Horde on the realm too… really enjoy having all of my characters on the same server.


Yeah, I’d say that all of those had a lot of potential, but their implementation into the game seem to be lacking.


… and it won’t stop coming back until things change :slight_smile:


People have been posting this trash since vanilla, it makes no difference.

(Punyelf) #60

I split mine Horde on Draenor and Alliance on Silvermoon.


I have abandoned my characters on Silvermoon now & have been having a lot of run with a little re-roll project :slight_smile: