Is wow [kinda] dying ?


smile face dont worry be heppy mon :grin:

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It’s funny how you are trying so hard to descredit what I said and failing so hard at it. I’m not even gonna bother. xD

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We all are. Since our birth. It’s called “life”.

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WoW is in a slump, but dying, nowhere close.
Just watch all of content creators on Youtube, everyone said ‘‘Maybe ill try other games bla bla bla’’ and the SECOND 8.2 info goes out everyone churns out 10-20 videos and streams on WoW

Most people who play MMOs want to play WoW, not anything else, its just the game hasn’t felt right this expac


This are the words of someone who definitely could argue and of someone who is 100% right.

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What are you even trying to say? am I supposed to re-arrange your words or something to find what you meant to say? lol


I play ESO too and just recently returned to it couple of weeks ago after a 18 month break, it as apparently had a huge influx of players, coincidently around and few months after BFA launch and one thing i hear everywhere in the game is “new” player being called WoW refugees …LOL could just be coincidence but its quite funny.

There has been many many games come along that have been called WoW killers ALL have come and gone with very little effect.

One thing I have always said since Wrath was the only thing that would kill WoW is WoW itself which evidently is happening slowly but surely.

BFA has go to be the worst, most broken badly designed X-Pac to date and with the lowest sub numbers. IMO the only saviour for Blizzard this X-Pac is going to be WoW Classic, but that’s not going to be has hyped for long when players realised they have to actually work to get gear and progress.


Agreed. I’m expecting a big boom at launch, but most people jumping from Retail to Classic I expect won’t make it to the other side of level 40. That’s ok though, it has a different target audience and in sharing a sub, may in time lure a few people back into retail.

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The game is old. Probably at its lowest number of players yet, or maybe almost lowest since WOD exists.

But it won’t die this easily. A million subscribers is still a million. It might not be the old 10 mil though but it’s still something.


I agree.

I think now is the time for wow to go buy to play - get rid of the sub.


First addon since I started in BC that I actually quit. Class design for shadow/affli is probably the main reason for me and I am not diggin that running dungeons - that are this time even often simply ugly - endlessly is “fun”. No Tier sets is just lazy. Heart of Azeroth is not even funny as a joke.
And that there are more Booster than anything else speaks loud enough for me.

There is literally nothing left beside getting the 350mount achiev for me - after getting all reps max - and not even really interested in that.

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You know…that’s less than I guessed, I was pegging pop around 3 million if I was being generous.

Objectively it being less than 2 million is about right, it’s where I expected it.

Still fine nothing wrong with those numbers, But Blizzard need to make content that now works for the shrinking player base.

Content that truly engages you to keep playing and paying to play.
BFA is not full of content like that.


Wow. How the mighty have fallen.


One word that everybody here seems to be missing: Classic!

BFA first week sales beat any previous expac, the numbers for the first month were probably huge even comparatively to other expansions. Then many players started to realize that besides the astounding world presented by the graphic designer department, the new expansion is also a extremely time gated plate filled with RNG content.

Many left, as usual after the first three months and many more are taking a break with the proximity of classic. For, i’d say millions classic will be the thing in the next 2 years and almost everyone knows that is almost impossible to conciliate both classic and retail end games content at the same time, without spend a crazy amount of hours per day, 7 days a week.

Meanwhile people are trying new games, or became more casual, waiting for summer hype that can bring back wow to the old days numbers, at medium/long term or not, but in any case it will bring a flux of players to retail/classic servers that will be overwhelming.


Classic doesn’t interest me… I am a casual player.


Same here, i miss wotlk or cataclysm, where i was able to kill someone alone on subtlety.


except for tom cruise. :wink:


They’ve been saying that for a long time now but yet, it’s still here.

Believe it or not, World of Warcraft is still one of the most played games in the entire world.
It still has over at least million players.

I mean, yeah, World of Warcraft has lost some subscribers
but it’s nowhere near the grave. Not yet.

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this game been dying since TBC
its 2019 and still Dying every expansion
when is it going to die ?
and every new MMO coming soon has killed wow


i already dead just dont know it yet