Is wow [kinda] dying ?

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It really doesn’t matter, Sure it’s true that wow is on it’s decline to end of life, but aside from a few gameplay issues the game is fine.

At some point it won’t be though and that’s when we will really notice.

Until then though I plan to enjoy what I can of the game and the people that play it.


I quit wow for now and really enjoying eso world feels alive people everywhere

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Arguable the biggest contributor is the fact that simply adding more content does not make for a better game, adding better content does.


I do not know what servers yours is crossed with, but when I quest, I see players all over the place both with WM on and off.
The exceptions is:

  • Pandaria -because you just level too fast by it I guess . it’s like a blink with the eyes.
    -WoD - Because… I guess because very few actually liked it.
    Legion - through there are still ok many people farming rep at argus.
    And the ofc BFA, if you go with WM on, you wont see so many alliance players.

What makes this game loose players?
-The horrible class balance might actually have a larger impact than what bliz gives it credit for. And the Meta is REALLY slim, even more than it was in Legion where people started to have a problem with it.
-PvP once again being ruled by the PvE kings. And inb4 “It was never about PvP” - it is still a loss of playerbase if people leave.
-It is not “Newpeople friendly” anymore, the community least of all.
-Blizzard will rather focus on allied races, mounts and gimmicks than they want to solve some of the very glaring issues ingame.
-BFA might be a “fillerexpansion” like WoD, that feel alone can make many people just leave.

just to mention a few things out of the many.

One thing I do not get though… Blizzard can loose players, but players never looses the hope. Every expansion people flood to WoW in the hopes that THIS time… it will be great. How Blizzard fail to catch them is beyond me. Or… well it isn’t because some very stubborn people sit at the top and refuse to meet the playerbase lol.
Imagine if they did though - meet the playerbase. Imagine if they actually listened to the passionate people giving feedback.
Then wow could most likely be as great as it once was


business people dont tend to talk to the people because well, they (most of us) dont know anything about business and software in general.

they most likely have the business side and the software side, both are separate, both have different goals but both know 1 truth: the masses know nothing (but they think they do), and yes, im one of those masses.

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Have been playing since Vanilla and I have never been more frustrated, annoyed and bored by any previous expansion as I’m by BFA. There is absolutely nothing I enjoy about BFA. I just farm old raids for mounts and xmogs now and wait for the next expansion because even 8.2 clearly won’t do much for the game. No amount of content will help if the core of the game is broken.

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Blizz aren’t even adding content anymore… every raid deprecates the previous.

Newcomers to BfA should be looking forward to forming guilds with other newcomers, starting with Uldir and working their way through the stack.

But there’s only ever 1 current raid now, and it’s an awful state for everyone :frowning:

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8.2 actually seems to have some good ideas…

Sadly my raiding guild already fell apart. Twice. Before Christmas. So now I don’t have one, and probably never will again.

Too little too late? It might even be enough - but still too late.

8.2 should have been 8.0. It would have been received well, I think.


This. This is a huge issue that needs reverting. And one of the reasons why people claim to have nothing to do.

They waste time making new raids only to render them obsolete next patch, raids are literally becoming legacy content in the same expansion they were introduced.

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Yup, it blows my mind they can create content like raids and they are only relevant for a few months at a time.

What ever they think they are doing in that regard they need to stop.


Yep that is my biggest grieve with wow now . I did some raiding and mythic in the beginning of this expansion on my wow usa account only to find that it became obsolete within 2 months time .
I can’t expect myself to keep on chasing the gear . In the past gear used to be meaningless until next expansion and u could work on ur goals .now its just the race to Never-ending .

(Orlen) #159

In a way i kinda get why they went that direction, to keep play time high across the entire expansion.

But I feel how they went about it wasn’t well planned out or there was an error in their methodology on how to do it.


They obviously have to rework this “shard” system they got, this is complete nonsense. Server is putting you into the least populated shard and here you go, you walk through entire stormwind on “high” server just to meet about 5 people in total.
I made an alt on RP server in order to experience this unique thing, and I cannot hide my disappointment, Goldshire has 0 people inside of it, how do you even RP like that?
In GW2 they are at least putting people together, in WoW you are being put into empty shards for some reason. Who thought it will be a brilliant idea of showing people that their game is played by no one?

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I don’t know the exact reason why they went with Sharding, I’m assuming that it’s something to do with servers and how to not spend more money on newer/better servers that can sustain higher concurrent connections.

If I’m not mistaken they can handle 5000 ish players per server unit, sharding breaks that down even further to instances of the world, with less people. meaning better management of data and stuff in the back end.

It’s actually quite a smart piece of technology…sadly I think it’s not being used correctly and the shards are far too small.

Phasing of old(Still used) was really bad, it was a great idea but was so over used across entire zones it became more of an annoyance than a fun feature.
gratefully they don’t use it like that or to that extent anymore.

I hope they make changes to sharding, make the shards larger if they want to keep them.


This system makes their game look more dead than TERA online or Skyforge and I am not exaggerating it. xD
No wonder people saying its ded in the water.

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I am a kind of casual player who has a limited playing time and I play during a bit odd hours so joining a guild for doing more organized (scheduled) content is out of question…I do not complain about this, my playing time is my own problem, but for solo players like me, I feel in Legion I had much more things to do than now in BfA.

The quest chains were longer, there was other current content for solo players to complete, it wasn’t so fastly consumed so to say. Right now, if one doesn’t pug M+, what he’s left to do? Farm eggs for the new hs toy. It feels the game started to offer too much in terms of “collectibles” and much less in terms of more engaging content. Even in MOP, I spent an awful lot of time on the Timeless isle and had great fun, with groups, farming frogs, etc.

I don’t think the game is kinda dying. But it’s fluctuating between offering “nothing new” during one expansion, and then offering new enaging and interesting content during the next one, then again, nothing…When the game continues to not offer enough new and engaging content, and keeps bringing only collectibles besides the already boring concepts of dungeon-raid-arena-bg, then it will be truly dead.

I have hopes about 8.2 with the new zone, I think this is the kind of content we need to “fresh” things up.


TBC was better! The only time gate was your own play time! :slight_smile:


Since it’s inception. But it has been dying for more years than some of the players who play it lives.


my favorite time was probably in TBC. maybe they should just copy-paste TBC in a new region and see what happens.
today they lock flying behind that damn pathfinder which is exclusive to people who play certain amount of time a day. they should make pathfinder easier and accessible for everyone (maybe that is another subject, but still bothers many players, including me)


Wow’s slow death is mainly revolving around the abuse of the developers. They ended up streamlining every form of social aspect out of the game.
I was there when the lfg tool was introduced.
Before it people were busy asking, chatting, helping, boosting, just in general: interacting.

3 days after LFG was introduced it was a wasteland socially.
Then server sharding came and the game was over.
You literally run alongside phasing in and out bots.
Sorry. Even bots can interact more than the players whom you get sharded in from servers you didnt even know existed, then vanish never to be seen in your life time.

On top of surgically removing the spine of wow, they are now down to a level of story telling and a disease of game systems that were designed by 8 year olds.
So no.
This is not an issue of wow aging badly.
This is an issue of mismanagement and idiocy.