Issues with battlenet app - friends incorrectly showing as offline


I notice that although i have people added via the battlenet app, they don’t show as online.

Now that there is no appear offline feature, i don’t understand why some friends appear offline for over 1 year for example, when I am talking to them at the same time. I’ve even confirmed they are online (green icon) etc… and yet i can talk to their character but not see them offline.

We’re all in the same EU region but for some reason, this doesn’t appear to affect every friend i have. removing and re-adding didn’t fix anything either.

Any ideas?

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Why would the “appear offline” feature have been removed? It exists, as I’m using it, and would cause this exact behaviour.

Yes, Yes there is :slight_smile:
On the bnet app, click the dropdown by your bnet name and select your status from:-

  • Available
  • Away
  • Busy
  • Appear Offline

Good point. Let me rephrase. I’ve seen them online - as in they have screenshotted the green icon / online element. So they’re definitely not “appearing offline”. Yet they show as offline on my friendslist for 14+ days and yet i’m talking to them at the same time (via whispering their character, not via bnet chat)…

Hence the confusion / post.


That does sound odd. Do you know any other people that have him on Bnet and do they have the same issue… i.e. is it you or is it him…

It’s not you… its me… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Like this? They should check their status in their launcher, not ingame.

Or did they appear online on your friend list? Just trying to eliminate phrasing issues here.

I hear you. Good picture. No the icon within the application itself, i.e. top right of screen shows as green - online. Appearing offline shows up as a grey ish circle so that’s definitely different.

They only appeared online as a character as I’ve had to add their character to counteract the lack of being able to see them via battlenet.

@ Shammoz he’s screenshotted me showing as busy in the friends list, so he sees me, it’s just i can’t see him. Weird!

Any ideas what more i can do here?

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I have a similar bug going on for MANY years. My friends only see me as ‘Online’ on BNET even when I’m ingame in WoW, it stays on Online, also when I check my own status it says Online and not World of Warcraft like all other friends of mine (all of us EU), I tried reinstalling, I tried Appearing as Offline and then again setting it on Online, but nothing helped at all. It’s annoying because friends want to play with me but when they don’t see me ingame they don’t go ingame they play something different. Now D2:R is coming tomorrow in Early Access and I want ppl to see me ingame and not ‘Online’. Please someone just help it’s been years, contacting support didn’t help obviously, rich companies and they bot replies ain’t helping nobody with difficulties except basics.

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And still not fixed! ;p

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