Issues with Older GPUs

For the last few expansions, World of Warcraft minimum specs have required a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that is shader-model-5 compatible (DirectX 11.0 or higher). With the newer graphical features included in the Shadowlands Pre-patch, the game has ceased supporting all GPUs that are not compatible with shader-model-5.

We’ve discovered that a very small number of players are attempting to run World of Warcraft on older hardware that cannot play the game after patching.

At this time, we’re working on a solution that could allow the game to operate on some older hardware, at the lowest graphical settings, with some graphic features unavailable. We expect this solution to take at least a couple of weeks to develop and test.

We will let you know when this workaround is available. Thank you.


Well okay Goodluck

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Why would you spend any time and money to explicitly support graphics cards which don’t support a shader model which was released in 2009?

So basically: Why do you want to support graphics cards which are more than 11 years old by now?

People are complaining and yelling at blizzard about it

Turns out there is some noticeable amount of people with old laptops or GPUs like GT 9800 :slight_smile: If WoW was still on GeForce Now it would not be a problem :wink:


The only thing i can come up with: kudos the to people still using ‘‘outdated’’ GPUs that dont support said shader tech.

I mean, most of my GPU’s seem to ‘‘die’’ after 4 years or so :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use a GT 9800 and has never experienced any graphical issues with wow. After the recent patch however I’m not allowed to start the game due to old hardware.
Good to see an explanation though and that it might be solved since alternative forces me to upgrade not only the GPU. A bit strange though, today I was able to start and play the game. Perhaps it only works temporary… :slight_smile:

Im confused though - Is it the GPU’s or CPU’s…

Example: My girl was recently victim (lmao) - to the “black character models” thing, that effected “phenom cpus” etc, and obviously now she gets the message about having dated hardware, but we thought it was inferring to the cpu?

Shes running gtx 750ti - Is it the GPU then were on about?

10 year old CPU should be fine if its Intel, GPU is what the blue post is talking about, if your running a 10year+ GPU then issues will happen with new graphics api’s

Sigh - Time to upgrade i guess lol

If you only play WoW don’t go nuts on an upgrade though :slight_smile:

Nah to be honest, the pc she runs is pretty dated…

Phenom x4 965
GTX 750ti

Only reason we havent upgraded, was purely because the game has always worked, and still does lol.

But, ill take it easy :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really nice. :slight_smile:

I know what its like to have really old crappy technology and not affording upgrades.

eek Phenom X4, bought the X6 version thinking 6 cores must be better… replaced it within the year for an I5 that lasted 8 years hehe.

I know right, mine die after about three years :frowning:

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