It feels nice to be somewhat excited for an expansion

I mean, Dragonflight obviously won’t be as good as any pre-Legion expansion for PvP, obviously.
But it’s still nice to see them, overall, make changes for the better and not constantly destroy the game for PvP players.

There’s plenty left to fix but overall, it already looks much better than the past 3 expansions and that’s a relief.

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I just hope they scale down the absurd burst that this expansion had.

And balance asap spells that can kill you in 0.5 sec


It will be worse than before. 100%>

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God forbid

Enjoy our newest product Dragonflight, brought to you by the same people that are responsible for 60% hpriest representation during SL S3 and double outlaw meta lasting for 2 entire seasons.

If new tier sets are gonna be active in PvP, DF will have SL balance, mark my words.

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I agree that they should be disabled, but mostly because I can’t be bothered to grind some PvE in order to get them.

Nah, they should just have different pvp stats and pve stats, like for example, back in the day, having a set would like reduce the CD on charge by 1-2 seconds, that should be enough …

ROFL, oh boy have i got news for you…

I’m on the beta and let me tell you, if you think burst was stupid in BfA and SL, boy oh boy, you are about to discover a new level absolute F ery in 7 weeks. GL bro, one shots are actual one shots and require no set up for some specs. I mean this with all sincerity, GL bro.

once you log into beta you will feel otherwise. dmg is bonkers

aside from that, reading that we still have pve bonus sets is already killing thr mood for me.

man cant they just have a pvp set and be done with it? ehat is so god freaking hard about that

Dragonflight will release as a bad broken product

u will ask for changes and balance tuning

u will get nothing

the xpac will get fixed on the last patch of the expansion

u will pre order and play next expansion

repeat repeat repeat

And people are still going to play every day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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