It is about time to end this nonsense DPS overlording and their game

I can vote with my wallet you know?
Just stop this nonsense and give my role back? HEALING IS a skill.

I’m gonna list here what you have to change.

  • Legendary effects from Shadowlands ( disabled ) i have no idea why you added these to this new expansion, for example explosive shot proccing from Hunter shots. does 100k + hits.
  • Gap closers
  • Rogue ( Shadow Duel ) reduced to 1 or remove it completely
  • Avatar not resetting Bladestorm, i find it funny as an old Warrior player that your Bladestorm is usable all the time.
  • More abilities should be interruptable.
  • Dispell protection, sorry but i don’t think this serves any purpose at all. It’s just hideous to have it in the game and creates frustration.
  • This is for hunters: Pets, what are pets for the Hunter when you really can’t use them anymore, or traps, Snake Trap. You only rely on Freezing trap in pvp. Really bland, as Marksmanship is nothing more than running HMS Arizona.
  • Dampening or healing reduction, choose one or just keep the MS only for an Arms Warrior, MM hunter used to have Mortal Shots.
  • Back to the board meetings, class design, philosophy what each class is cabable of
  • For every player who play Solo Shuffle, think is it worth to play 3-3, or is it really worth of your time.
  • Who ever cheats i just have to say, touch grass.
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it doesnt work anyway, people spam dispel it using defensives, short cd immunities or nothing at all because their earth shield/hots/totems will outheal the silence anyway XD

Ofc because that’s smart but there are other damage sources in the game pairing it with an catastrophic result.

yeah smart placing earth shield on u because talent allows u to have 2 specifying that 1 should be on urself and pressing any random totem because their cds are 20 seconds
smart gameplay
it also removes all dot damage because aff has to reapply them and thats tricky

sorry to say it buddy but there is no dispel protection in the game anymore
everything else agreed

Healing has never been this retard mode. Healers always full mana every BG. Glad mana starts to matter again in 10.2.

I agree, mana is so fun they should allow casters to enjoy it equally.


*lazy healers


Absolutely. I miss Evocation, Mana Shield and mana regen. We need Spirit stat back.

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i drink alot in team fights if the dps dont prio well or disrupt healers but i was also usually top heals in rbg so i kept myself busy, but i do drink alot so factually i do oom, i just use meld on 2 of my healers to drop combat and drink

so i dont agree on healers not ooming, but im talking from disc and rdruid tho, rsham which is kinda trash rbg wouldnt oom and hpala i dont have cause i cant stand being paladin of any of their spec

lets hope we get to use meld in solo rbg btw, as in shuffle it were disabled, not that any healer in shuffle would have time to drink on the damp tho :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

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yeah relax buddy ur harstuck duelist, healers are insanely overpowered btw

It’s not this. They just have Explosive Shot available in Hunter tree as a spell.

Because you’re not supposed to dispel Affliction dots. It was always like that. The way you should play against Affliction is just heal the dot damage instead of dispelling everything on CDs. Currently if you’re not a Priest abusing UA dispel you will do well just healing dot damage instead of dispelling it. Let Affliction be playable… This spec is a joke since BFA. Great that they nerf all these dispelling crap.

That’s the only thing I agree with.

You got 2k 2.2 and 2.4 in 3 days diff i smell a accplay.

boosties think alike i suppose


atleast im not stucked at 1900

not even pushed yet but will get my 2.2k 2s soon ez with an awesome rsham friend of mine maybe above that who knows.
maybe you can buy glad again if you swipe your moms credit card.

You would be without your boosts :slight_smile:

yuh buddy keep coping, gonna be 2.4 on my brand new dh in 2-3 days while ur going to be hardsutck twelv hundo

if they are so overpowered why all your heals are 1.6 with negative?

but honestly i dont put much value on dps mains takes about healing so this is just banter to pass the time i dont care in anyway what you think :slight_smile:

grats on your ele and atleast you played real arena instead shuffle for it, still anything i see on your record tells me you cant talk about healing as your not trying anything but dps

because i play fistweaver when im drunk and bored, but why didnt you say about me being 2k in shuffle as a disc priest with 60 rounds played and 70% winrate?

This is the arena forum not about any bg