It is strange

Watching MDI today on twitch made me consider a strange thing

Back in WOTLK Ensida received a ban on World first HC LK kill for exploiting the enviroment using Saronite granates to bug the floor from falling down

In todays MDI some of the teams in SOTS have now found a way to exploit placement on the 2nd boss making everyone but the tank able to not move at all or being hit by any boss abilities

In some of the previous MDI teams found a way to stand outside a pillar in Atal to avoid the flying fearing mob pack being unable to use the jump ability

I find it a bit strange to find Blizzards line on this matter or maybe they have just taken a new stance to exploits since the Ensidia ban

Blizzard has a history of being inconsistent with exploit bans. Sometimes, it’s called clever use of game mechanics, and other times it’s called an exploit and the people who used it are banned. I guess factors are the severity, and if it’s really an exploit or not. I think they don’t want to interfere with the m+ strats, and if they do, they’ll just hotfix it instead of banning people.

And yeah, I guess small developer oversights can’t really be called exploits in a sense. The line is very fine though, but in the end it’s up to Blizzard to make the call. I think they mostly make the right decisions too.


I personally dont think you can compare these things, considering one is a raid boss where a mechanic gets stuck and the other one are dungeons where bosses are the least difficult thing about the whole thing anyways.

My point also was it is hard to find a clear line

I would still catagorize an exploit as an exploit regardsless of it being a M+ or a raid

Maybe to clarify how I personally see the difference on cleaver use of game mechanics and an exploit

If you kill 3 packs at once using the sappers selfdestruck bombs in Motherload or pull the commander thing in Siege of Boralis and kill trash before boss 3 with his mortar, then I consider it cleaver use of game mechanics

Where if you find locations and placement where entire boss fights and their abilities are neglected or avoided completly without moving etc. Then I consider it an exploit

How do you guys consider the differenc"¿


The difference is that blizzard probably knew about these “bugs” imo

because they are now live broadcasted, and those exploits are praised by caster on the desk as a briliant tactic or clever usage of game mechanics, so ban for that would have been an embarrasing for blizzard.


World first means nothing to Blizzard. MDI is $$$. They’ll patch it later. I suspect there’s actually only a few actual proper teams who have a chance so they’re not going to ban anyone as it distracts from the competition.

If it’s used to ignore a boss mechanic it’s an exploit. Simple as.

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Any blue or green poster willing to give their opinion on this subject?

How is it an exploit? the whirlwinds have never hit those spots. Standing there is hardly groundbreaking (excuse the pun)

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