It should be "classic with extra steps"


Do you think devs should recreate “vanilla” WoW as much as possible or they should implement a few improvements that were clearly mistakes or lack of thought on dev sides?
The example that I read on wowhead is how they want to recreate inconsistencies like different quest marks (dots or !).

Then I think of long respawn times for NPCs which… dunno guys. As “authentic” as it might be it’s just a bad design. With many people playing it the game might look like - stand in a zone with tons of dead NPC’s hoping to steal a kill…

Then I read about mages in classic and how their “Rotation” was literally 1 button spam and… it seems super boring.

Eh, I wish someone actually created a WoW xpac that takes good things people like from the past and mixed it with good QoL developments.

But I guess it’s just never going to happen.

I will give classic a shot, obviously. But dunno which class… xD


I think Classic should be kept as authentic as possible. That is what it is there for - to be a faithful representation of a great game.

That said, I think you raise a valid and interesting point. Classic has flaws (some would argue that is part of its charm) and many areas that it could be improved upon. And I see you mentioned a “WoW xpac that takes goods things people like from the past and mix it with good QoL developments.”

Well… If Classic is very financially successful, maintains a strong and coherent server population, maybe that’s what you’ll get? We’ve already seen from WoD that WoW has a multiverse. So it’s not like there isn’t already an in-game reason for them to do a divergent story. Perhaps we’ll get additional future content they had once planned to add to Vanilla but cut? Dragon Isles, for instance. Or maybe a new expansion that isn’t the Burning Crusade? This is doubtful, but not beyond the realms of possibility.

As for your final question, regarding class… Well, I can’t give you any definitive answer there without knowing your tastes! I would say Warlock and Hunter are very good for leveling (pet tanking!) and also remain viable in the late game and in PvP. But bag space is often a premium for them because of Soul Shards and Ammunition.

If you like tanking? Warrior. Feral Druid and Prot Paladins are often renegated to an Off-Tank or Trash Tank role. Warriors have the best single-target threat generation in the game. It’ll be Warrior Main-Tanks who are likely to get priority on those Classic Legendaries.

Healing? I would strongly recommend Holy Priest or Holy Paladin. They are the games best healers. Resto Druid or Shaman are doable, certainly, but in terms of end-game content the first two are king.

Rogue? Savage in PvP. Probably one of the best DPS in the game with their threat-negation abilities and quickly regenerating resource (energy) allowing them to just keep on churning out their attacks without pause.

Hope that helps!

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They’ve already made changes that impact gameplay. It doesn’t matter if they once claimed that they would restore vanilla. Because classic is not vanilla, sadly. Not saying classic will be bad, but it won’t be vanilla.


Potential Character level squish in Retail WoW and they will try to rethink most of the systems since they too realize it’s gone off the rails some time ago.

I would actually just prefer WoW 2, but I can see how that’s a tricky decision with all the collectibles and sunk cost fallacy still propping up the game. Perhaps 5 years from now WoW 2, but for now… definitely a revamp.

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