Itemlevel difference

Hi there, on my character info is my ilvl 198 and on my raider addon also… but when i hover over my nameplate then it is 187. I think that is a bit strange.
With other characters there is a difference of 1 or 2 points…
Anyone knows what to do?

This ain’t a forum (technical support) to ask things about raiderio.
But to answer your question, update your raiderio profile on the webpage and update the addon.

Oh sorry about that! Thx for the info and the problem has been resolved.
How do i delete my messages?

Once someone has replied, you can no longer delete your thread.

Besides the information you gained, may be useful to others. But I suspect a moderator will be along shortly to lock the thread, to stop it being necro’d even more :slight_smile:

Bingo :wink: