Its skirmish week 🥳


Oh boi! Cant wait to put my hands on a … 360 piece of gear

Timewalking you give 385, BfA dungeons you give 400, skirmish week … 360

Srsly blizz wtf? Whats the beef with pvpers??


pun intended


Ive never done the quest but 10 matches won for 360 item is wrong should be a min of 385 .The whole PVP gearing system is awful i feel for you .

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How long it takes approximately to win 10 skirmish arenas in total?


If you que with me takes atleast a month iam that bad :wink:


Longer than doing 4 normal mythics for a 400 item ><

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I honestly doubt it.

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Well i avoid these kind of quests because i don’t wanna put anyone under that kind of torture of playing Arena with me :blush:


Well, in Skirmish you may end up with a stranger if you only queue alone/with two. Failure guaranteed.

In rated you don’t win all games, so let’s say you need 15-20 games for 10 wins. Each game takes at least 5 minutes (2m prep, little queue and a fight). 100 minutes for 10 wins, do tell me you can’t zerg through some normal mythics within that time.


Indeterminable really. If its r1s queuing it’ll probably be more time in the queue than playing.
If its average/poor DD with good heals matches can drag for 10+ mins each easily
If its people who have no idea what their doing matches will be fast but may take a big lot of them for 10 wins

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Ye, i forgot to take defeat into account. Its a strange concept to me so i forgot mortals have to deal with it. But you are right. It should be higher ilvl than just a 4 x m0 dungeons. Hell, loot from 1 m0 dungeon is higher ilvl…


idk, took me 15 minutes to play 8 ranked matches (won 7) so something like that probably.

you know what’s funny? how easy it is to fix PvP gearing system.
INTRODUCE THE PVP VENDOR AND PVP ONLY GEAR, and our lawer doesnt realize it. my granny understood that if pvp has specific gear, it will feel better, but ion cant seem to understand.

I’d play arena with you anyday :flushed::flushed::weary::weary:

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Wouldn’t problem with gear vendor be setting Ilvl of gear? Im not saying there shouldn’t be vendor, but since normal gear can Titanforge how much sense would vendor make?


well it’d be PvP specific gear - no titanforges, and fully balanced around PvP.
then they wouldnt need to hotfix PvE items for PvP - like they do now :smiley:

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Suppose they could sell gear tokens that could warforge/titanforge too


shh. we’re removing titanforge and warforge~ no one likes it (no one important)

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