Jaina X thrall


people who ship Jaina and Thrall are same people who are nice to girl and then get pikachu :'O face if girl doesnt fall in love with them


People who ignore Aggra, the Thralls wife.
Aggra’s character is way more stronger and loyal that Ice *itch’s…

At least when thrall has lost his connection with the elements and was in a dark place you and Aggra fought to get him back, Aggra didn’t say just…

Oh i cant watch you do this…

Jaina is ice, if thrall would have her he’s life will be ruined, so I guess as alliance I don’t mind :slight_smile:

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Thrall + Jaina, Me ship… :gift_heart:

Aggra “the wife of thrall” feels forced … she gotta go :pregnant_woman:t4: :gun:


Seems solid for 6 y.o. debate :sweat_smile::+1::muscle::smirk::fist_right::fist_left:

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Woah the shade…


You hop tmog so fast I am surprised you are not a velf for a reduced cost…
Any how didnt get the shade comment

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I swear i cant make my mind up, its an addiction …i think. my (ingame)body itches if i dont use grand yak every hour. :disappointed_relieved:

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There was this scene in the Orc campaign in WC3. We were leading Thrall and Cairne seeking the mysterious Oracle. It turned out that the Oracle was the Prothet, who was Medivh and he brought them there, as well as Jaina. He asked them to work together and she was like “Unite with them? You mad, bro?” “You can’t expect me to…” And yeah, they’ve started to work together.

Their common ground was pretty visible during Wrath, in the Ulduar trailer or the Trial of the Crusader or at the end of the Battle for Undercity. They’re the peaceful ones, keeping hotheaded ones (Varian and Garrosh) at bay.

Was it romantic? Probably not. But it could have.

So yeah, that’s where it comes from.

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My favourite ship in Wow.

It’s a lot of fanfic though, fans when they like two characters they often try and pair them up.

Jaina X Thrall happened because both were fan favourites, and they both had some very good chemistry and shared ideals.

  1. Both hate war
  2. Both love their people
  3. Both never resort to violence if they can.
  4. Both seek peace actively
  5. Both willing to let go of things they love for the greater good
  6. Both are as dumb as a brick, but we love em regardless, cuz they have good hearts :smiley:

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Jaina and Arthas did it - forget all other pairing. Enough of screwing the story.

Perhaps Nelves and human bonding is fine but Orc and Human can’t even really imagine that with their kids.


I want an 18+ version of the game where we see Thrall and Jaina do naughty things together


Lul what?..


I gotta disagree…
I think its highly inappropriate…
I much prefer Jaina x arthas (bring him back to life with lights help or w/e)


Everytime you post i feel like you embody the Blood elves.

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I have a feeling you said that as if its a bad, anyway I would understand why, after everything they did to you. Just know that I would’ve freed you, the rest if i knew you were exiled, my dear cousin. Sorry xoxo


Actually that wasn’t meant to be bad, that was a statement.

As much as rain is wet

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My bad :octopus::heart:


so are the draeneis


Let me express my concern good sir

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