Join the Stoneforge Clan – A Dwarf-Only Guild on Argent Dawn!

Fellow Dwarves of Azeroth!

Are you looking for a guild that feels like home? A place where the ale flows as freely as the laughter, and camaraderie is forged in the heat of battle? Look no further! Stoneforge Clan is calling for stout-hearted dwarves to join our ranks.

Who We Are:

Stoneforge Clan is a dedicated dwarf-only guild located on Argent Dawn. We’re a community of mature, fun-loving, and beer-loving dwarf enthusiasts. Our mission is simple: enjoy the game, support each other, and conquer all challenges Azeroth throws our way, one knee hit at a time!

Our Focus:

  • Raiding: From classic raids to the latest content, we tackle it all with precision and teamwork.
  • Mythic+ Content: We push keys with determination, always striving for better results and greater rewards.
  • Role-Playing: Embrace your dwarven heritage with immersive role-playing events and storylines.
  • Community: We value a relaxed atmosphere where every dwarf feels welcome and included. In Stoneforge Clan, no dwarf is left behind!

Why Join Us?

  • Beer Lovers: Whether it’s in-game or in real life, we share a love for good ale and good times.
  • Mature Players: Our members are respectful, friendly, and mature, ensuring a positive and supportive environment.
  • Dwarf Enthusiasts: We take pride in our dwarven roots, celebrating the culture and spirit of the stout folk.
  • Epic Adventures: Together, we’ll face and defeat every foe, explore every corner of Azeroth, and enjoy every moment of the journey.


  • Be a dwarf! (Obviously)
  • Be active and engaged, both in-game and on Discord.
  • Respect fellow members and contribute to our positive community vibe.
  • Bring your love for adventure, beer, and all things dwarven!

How to Join:

Ready to join the ranks of Stoneforge Clan? Reach out to us in-game or drop a message here on the forum. You can also join our Discord server to introduce yourself and get to know our clan members.

Discord Link:

Let’s Raise Our Mugs and Forge Our Destiny!

Together, we will conquer Azeroth and enjoy every step of the journey. Remember, a Stoneforge dwarf never stands alone!

For the Stoneforge Clan! For Azeroth!

Signed, Gorwan

The Stoneforge Clan Leadership

Hammers up brave dwarves! May your mugs always be full, and your axes ever sharp!

The Stoneforge Clan.

The left flank’s collapsing!”

The runner came barrelling at them as quick as his short dwarven legs could carry him, beard whipping out behind him like a banner. He slid to a halt at the camp table where a few of the Clan elders were looking at the map of the battlefield, heaving for breath before he repeated his message.

The left flank’s collapsing! The remaining fire primalists are drivin’ a wedge into our forces, we’re regrouping, but we cannae hold for long!”

The dwarves at the table looked at one another. It had been a long fight, meant to mop up the remaining Fyrakk loyalists, perhaps gain some rare materials for smithing and certainly a sizeable reward from the Aspects. The Stoneforge clan was as ever in need of both.

A disparate lot, those present came from many different backgrounds. Both Bronzebeard dwarves, Dark Irons and Wildhammers, and some of them with ancestors from a combination of the three, had bonded together in the Stoneforge clan, united by a love of adventure, of chances to prove themselves against the toughest of foes, or even just because they enjoyed blood sausage and ale, which was always a staple of the Clan’s rations in the field. But deep down, they were Dwarves all, stout of heart and strong of mind.

An’ wha’ of th’ dragon?” The dwarven woman who spoke bore a simple set of armour, mostly unadorned, though with the clan symbol of the crossed hammers on her tabard. “Dun’ leave oot th’ mos’ important part! -Have ye seen it yet?”

Indeed, a particularily large and powerful proto-dragon by the name of Vir’zeth had led this remnant of Fyrakk’s forces, seemingly intent to elevate itself as a new Primal Incarnate. The contract the Clan was under had placed the highest bounty on that particular head.

Gulping down a swig of ale, the runner nodded. “It’s taken to th’ field sah! Bringing up the centre of their forces an’ makin’ a right mess o’ ours!” He looked to Baldûr, as did the rest of them. “What are we goin’ tae do sah?”

The Stoneforge Thane rose and picked up his shield, he seemed entirely unconcerned as he downed the last of his ale and wiped his beard. Grinning at them, he shrugged.

Guess we do what we always do, eh?”

Nods all along the table followed. They did indeed know what to do, the strategy was well-tested and tried, and had seen them emerge victorious from a number of tough fights before. You could almost say it was a mantra of the Clan at this point, and it certainly sounded that way as they all answered in a chorus;


Last night Stoneforge downed the last two bosses in Abberus HC, with pure iron will, dwarven might and BIG Hammers we prevailed. Happy to see that at the end of season 4 we are still active and doing great deeds for dwarven kind!