Join the Welcome Back Weekend 9-13 May

Join the Welcome Back Weekend 9-13 May

Gather your friends and begin your journey as a goblin or worgen, take up the new profession, archaeology, customize your appearance with transmogrification, and more.

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Oh my god, they’re adding playable worgen and goblins? Who would have seen that coming. Cataclysm seems like it will be super exciting. I wonder what the raids will be like. Woah, imagine if they make Deathwing a raid boss, how cool would that be. He’s in the intro, maybe it will happen.


OMG Spoilers!

Ruined, everything is ruined now!

Hope you are happy.


People who aren’t subbed right now should use the opportunity to use the Free Character transfers during this period !

Only if they bring back Ragnaros!!!


Impossible! It would be game-breaking!

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Not as much as revamping Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms!!

Imagine that!


wow! maybe… maybe they could create a questline based on popular tv shows like rambo and CSI!!

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