Jump Back into Action with the New Level 60 Character Boost

Jump Back into Action with the New Level 60 Character Boost

It’s never too late to join your friends in their latest adventures in Shadowlands with the new level 60 Character Boost.

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fix pvp?

there goes the rpg-experience


60 sheets ?!

llf you boys are high as kites, jfc :sweat_smile:

:money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :moneybag:
:D:D nice


What kinda gear do they get?

Yet this will sell like hotcakes… as hard to understand as that is to me.

A whiff of *eau de panic * about that announcement.

Enjoy grinding renown, legendary recipes, torghast widgets, gear and score in whatever you wish to pursue!

Who in their right mind would pay 60e for a boost.


That’s been AWOL for a while now :pouting_cat:

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Not really hard to understand tbh. Blizzard make the leveling exp as awful as possible so people buy the boost to get to the “fun” part of the game

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Its scary how Blizzard even offer this super overprized ”service”

10.0 coming in less than a year, i think that pretty much confirms it. Since they usually only do current expansion end game boosts after new expansion is announced.


And we are back to the double-posting again, Blizzard…

If they had just let you Chromie time to lvl 60 then people would get more enjoyment out of the short process.

Heirloom bonuses are worse now too, they (heirlooms) were worth having before that change.

Whats Wfull u can get 1-60 in 25 hours as a beginner.

Or max 20 hours even tough its grindy if u have exp.

Pathetic that they keep doing mistake after mistake, all about the damn $

Never every typed in the Forum or Wowhead how negative are those lost souls in this toxic forum wtf i hate some of the stuff u do with the game but i think your still doing a fatastic job when it comes down to the 3 Pillars of Wow M+/Pvp/Raid!!! Gj keep it up <3 keep improving on the game dont let people that hate, without giving you good Feedback get 2 you :smiley: heres Feedback : 9.1.5 shouldv been in 9.1 already and Torghast changes came to late, Covenant swaps were prbbly the biggest miss on your Part this expansion we needed those much earlier but i still enjoy the game alot keep giving it your best shot cheers! be faster in reaction to “loud” Feedback aka Covenentswaps maybe (: <3

HEY blizzzaaaaarrrd why did you make a second identicle thread… was it to hide the negative comments from your website page???

boosts should be abandoned … and the OTT pricing is idiotic…

i’d pay you £49 to jog on.

Praise be the lord Blizzard who giveth the lvl 60 boost!

Is this “blue account” trolling us? Looks like it.