Just some 8.2 speculation

(Ohbyru) #1

So Thrall comes back, he looks thicc. Makes you wonder if he still has no shaman powers?
I wonder if we will see a warrior thrall?
I’m looking forward to see his reaction to the banshee queen’s actions.

(Farondísz) #2

His reaction better be “You disappoint me, Sylvanas…”!

(Unholyhomie) #3

i hope sylvanas remain warchieff…


Well doesn’t look like it.


Thrall is cool and all and I like him alot, but I root for Sylvanas. My favourite character in the lore since the beginning.


I like the new model. He looks like a vrykul / Ork halfbreed. Definitely badass and fit to challenge any :fire: hot shot up start Alliance king.

Now imagine if we got kul Tiran race with that kind of love…


(Vanasia) #7

That would be Vol’jin line now xD


To be honest if he’d be warrior Thrall, I’d prefer if he would have his own armor, which is actually Orgrim Doomhammer’s armor… So he would be more Warrior…

(Farondísz) #9

Certainly not. She divided the Horde more than ever, betrayed and used the Horde to her own goals, and managed to turn 80% of the Horde leadership against her.

And now the true Warchief Thrall is back, the spirit of Vol’jin is back, there’s no place for an evil and miserable failure like Sylvanas in the Horde. My true Horde is coming back, and I couldn’t be happier.

(Unholyhomie) #10

She didnt betray the horde they betrayed her. Who here is to judge what the real horde is? I never liked green jesus as warchief… hes like an alliance character in disguise

(Moritz) #11

I don’t hope she does.
But I hope she lives.
She is an amazing lore character and I refuse to believe they made her a villain just cause.

(Farondísz) #12

Well sure, that’s okey, I’m just saying what’s my opinion is. :slight_smile:

From my point of view leading the Horde is not simply warmongering and expecting everyone to unconditionally, blindly follow. And that’s what she did.

Her questionable decisions made the Horde leaders go against her, pushed the Horde into an unwanted war in the time of peace after the defeat of the Legion, and when Azeroth was suffering and dying. This is not what a good Warchief does. Leading the Horde is responsibility, and she failed in that because she wanted to use her leadership to reach her own goals.


Sylvanas is going to end up in killing Thrall.

(Ohbyru) #14

Green jesus would come back from the dead


Sylvanas will not die, and she will become a stronger figure than she’s ever been later in the story.

You read it first here.
No theories out there is true, so far.

The truth is, blizzard loves playing around, but sylvanas will become the greatest thing, and loved by everyone in the end. The reasons behind that is secret, as it would be a huge spoiler.

All I can say is, she will be for the horde, have her mentality of only doing what she finds best for the horde, but she becomes “Good” Meaning, she becomes more democratic. But still have her defiant features. Its on her own terms, she can still do whatever she wants as the head of the horde, but she is choosing to sacrifice total victory to the horde, for democracy and stability. Until a threat evil, and powerful enough to play dirty arrives.

But the question is what makes her change?
All I can say about that is blizzard loves sylvanas more than most characters, so they found a super way to change her.


I am on board with that.

(Tèsla) #17

“Lor’themar: Then I will take my place beside Saurfang and Thrall, and pray that the sin’dorei stand with me.”


I think Sylva will recognize the error of her ways and become a happy pink elf once again, they will all hug and forgive each other.

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