Kael'thas says void rights? 🤔

He acknowledges me, a Ren’dorei, as one of his subjects. Therefor Kael’thas says Void rights. Hopefully he returns and leads all Thalassians to a more progressive path of acceptance and mutual appreciation.


Not entirely uncommon for people considering themselves Blood Elves in the first place. They have always largely considered the entirety of Quel’thalas’ population as their people, their people to defend, to protect, to fight for.

The Silver Covenant High Elves were largely the misnomers here, seeing as they felt extreme hatred towards the Blood Elves simply because the Blood Elves joined the Horde, rather than the Alliance - although the Blood Elves were given little choice in the matter. They were only given the choice to join the Horde, by the Alliance themselves no less.

The Void Elves sought their powers because of their love for their people overall, sadly these powers they sought were also a great danger to the very magical fount which sustains their people and prevents another extreme downfall, a dire situation which the Blood Elves just got their entire people (High Elves included) out of by fighting, and the Void Elves risked that; and in turn totally disrespected the fallen who fought for this.

But it is no surprise that Kael’thas considers all elves of Quel’thalas as his subjects, they still are. But like Alleria, he is kinda left out of the loop of what has happened. And sadly, it seems that neither character will ever be told the full story - or they truly don’t care about the horrors the Alliance exposed the Blood Elves to, or the danger the Void Elves willingly brought upon their entire people despite warnings (well, Alleria found this out herself, atleast.)


kaelthas doesnt control silvermoon anymore though, lorthemar does, so unless they bring him back to life the status quo remains

Not… the best reference
I mean he is landed in Ravendreth for a reason
Its better not to be associated with such a… well… person :eyes:


It’s okay, they’re redeeming him. All will be forgotten.

Well my fellow fanged friend, I don’t know about that, but it could take eons… he is not really remorseful or anything. The poor Accuser working around the clock, yet still… he not really changed

A necessary redemption in my opinion.

Poor Kael’thas was just victim of terrible writing. That serves us as a reminder that the lore oopsies have been a thing since, well, the beginning.

Isn’t we all…? :confused:


Most of the WoW characters probably :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a forgiving person, I’d redeem them all. Except Gul’dan, fk that guy.

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But he had a tough childhood!


He’s the devil incarnate, that bastard :angry:

But his wife left him for a nightborne man.

You gotta sympathise with that, have you seen the nightborne men?! The playable ones atleast.

Looks at self… nope, no I haven’t :worried:

Kael’thas will return to the blood elves and paar with that the Horde. Leave our leader alone void scum. He is Not yours to take.

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We’re not taking anything. These are Kael’thas’ own words.

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One of them did. The other one didn’t. So, fk that guy. :smiley:

If we took seriously what NPCs say as generic response towards PCs in our daily gameplay, we’d be in for some laughs.

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This is clearly race specific, I doubt he’d say this to an Orc or Human.

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He is not my prince! He did not drop the mount

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He did for me, both of them.

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