Kael'thas says void rights? 🤔

Then he is definitely not my prince!

He can rot in Revendreth, or go back to leading the Blood elves

Alleria is Muh Queeeen

I also follow Vereesa but only in RP

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You are such a simp. Alleria is not Queen of anything. Sylvanas and Kael’thas are the real deal. Void and High elves are not welcome in Silvermoon.

Returning would be abit hard since he does not have a body. He is dead after all, he is a soul in the afterlive(shadowlands)

That won’t stop Blizzard and you know it.

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If Kael’thas returns he wouldn’t be Alliance, and would keep the Blood Elves in the Horde.

Void Elves will likely still be kept in exile due to the danger they pose, but there won’t be any extreme ill-will towards them.

High Elves will still be welcomed back home.

People seem to think that Lor’themar, Halduron and Rommath has some deep-seeded hatred for the High Elves, they don’t. The only reason High Elves are not returning to Quel’thalas is their own personal biases against the Horde. Void Elf exile was far more reasonable, the power they insisted on pursuing was an overall danger to the Sunwell, the fount of hefty magical powers which sustains the elves of Quel’thalas. The loss of which left them weakened, the oldest, youngest and generally ill members dying. They suffered extreme withdrawal symptoms which drove some insane, left some in bed, etc. And the Void Elves are easily a catalyst to all of that happening again; because they ignored an outright order NOT to pursue said magical power.

Their reason for doing it would be understood, by Kael’thas too of all people, but having them in Quel’thalas is too dangerous.


Do you want to know how Tyrande and Shandris treat a Forsaken loyalist character in the Ardenweald campaign?


They don’t really matter as much.

yep, like nozdormu being told the main timeline needs to be mainted or reality will unravel. Meanwhile we have AU maghar walking around. I guess thats why we got so many old god problems trying to unravel reality

Well he never actually joined the Horde. As a dead person I doubt he cares about Alliance vs Horde at this point. So yeah any short elf would be his subject.

If you are to take generic NPC talk as lore-relevant, then it’s only reasonable to examine other instances of it.

And yeah, if we are to weight them in the same way, you get some rather curious and forgiving Shandris/Tyrande interactions with characters that would gleefully go for a second round of the War of Thorns (Teldrassil Burning included).

The same message.

Don’t put any faith in this subject. It most likely will disappoint you.


Why wouldn’t he? he died before the blood elf/void elf split (void elves were blood elves, not high elves.) and the context of that change in text is that it’s shared history, regardless of what the present might be

He might have said something different to high elves if we had those instead of void elves because they split off before Kael’thas died but even then I think he’d probably would have said the same to any Thalassian elf

Nothing here hints at anything to any change in behaviour between Thalassians back on Azeroth and as for him coming back, please leave all shadowlands denizens in the shadowlands where they belong. Why would creatures who exist and have something you might as well call a divine purpose in the shadowlands leave the shadowlands?

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He can barely accept his own mistakes…would not hope too much…also he does not know what happend on Azeroth since TBC…so theres that.

Given the fact that well part of the Void elves existence is based on Dar’khan drathirs research who was the reason Quelthalas fell in the first place and the sunwell was destroyed , I dont know how he would react if he knew…not imagining him being able to make that distinction…since he is basically all caught up in his rage.

Apart from that…well Thallasian history and content hasnt been part of the game since I dont even know when…TBC? Arguably the short questlines in MoP and the heritage quests…

NOt saying Id not enjoy Thallasians to reunite. But I dont see it happening as long as this never ending faction war ( highly subjective addition: BS ) is continuing…

Well, I definetly know a character that is highly foreshadowed to come back eventually…and so do you if you played the Ardenweald Questline^^

Refuse to use void is one of most retarded retcons, introduced by blizzard into belfs lore. Agree on subject of naczi/alliance collaborators. Lore-wise, even Nzoth cultist have more good/sane reasons to serve Nzoth, than those 'high" elfs who chose to serve the very same power which tried to exterminate the leftovers of belfs population after scourge invasion. Twice.


Did you seriously just godwin this thread after two weeks of inactivity?

As much bc ruined and wasted Kaelthas.
I Hope He doesnt come back, same for any character from the shadowlands.
Outside Voljin becoming a Loa.

The denisens of the SL’s shoudl stay in the sl’s. The dead should stay in their realm. ASlo why im against any of the sl’s races becomign allied races.

The lore nwoadays is terrible enough and they dont need to make it even worse.

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Wake up dude, this is very slow forum.

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They’re welcome to visit the Sunwell, but most people who self identify as High Elves self identify as the faction of Thalassian elves that abandoned Silvermoon or ignored its call in the aftermath of the scourge would likely not be visitors people would be eager to come out and greet

This is not a retcon, High Elves have been looked down on since Blood elves were introduced into the game in BC

The difference at this point is now purely political with the canonical removal of all the fel sources of magic from Quel’thalas