Kaivax? Linxy? Where are you?

Kaivax’s last post in the arena forums was on 17th January.

Linxy’s last post in the arena forums was on the 28th July 2023.

How, as ‘community managers’, is this complete neglect and ignorance towards an entire community acceptable?

Will you comment on if/when we can expect any class tuning?

ANY communication from you whatsoever that doesn’t leave the community you ‘manage’ hanging in the dark?




The legend says that they are still ‘‘monitoring’’. By having the ‘‘manager’’ title next to his/her name, one would assume that THAT particular person has certain obligations. As this world is full of surprises, I guess that is not true.
Literally, I have never seen a worse company in my entire life.


It’s a disgrace.

Is board of director approval needed to make a forum post?

These are US CM’s. Generally if they think EU needs it they will cross post important patch notes or events but its not a guarantee sadly enough.

The point is the exact part you quoted from me: If they have anything important to cross post they will.

GM’s do not work on the game and do not handle feedback, please do not try to contact them.

If you have direct feedback for the developers you can always give it through the ingame suggestion box, several recent suggestions were added to the game this way.

And Kaivax’s last post on theirs was also 17th January and Linxy’s was September 2023. That is still months of ignoring their players, so what is your point?


can’t u MVP guys do anything to reach out to any gm or is not a single of u playing pvp? sometimes I feel like u MVP guys always have the best answers when it comes to defending GMs, but what this community needs is someone who steps up and supports. I mean look at the PVP section, literally every post is someone desperately trying to reach out to a GM.


No offence but you clearly don’t play arenas because if you did you would understand the frustrations. Players on both regions are begging for feedback, you’re telling me they can’t even send a message saying ‘hey guys we are/we are not planning on making changes in the foreseeable future’?


The only real solution here is UNSUB, to be fair. Baldur’s Gate 3 and Metal Gear Solid 3, here I come.

I would but im addicted :frowning: I also enjoy more parts of the game other than arenas but arenas are my favourite by far. Sad to see the neglect…

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unforchunaetly they dont care enough about the small pvp player base anymore.

they abandoned us and milk the remaining ones.
it is what it is i guess…

I think in 2024 what they do is crawl the forums, then aggregate it using some sort of AI. Way easier than reading through all this mess.

As for writing, they do one directional communication, they always did.
Except for fluff posts.

Welcome to the new world.
I was personally working on early steps to make accountants and insurance underwriters obsolete. At which point we called it automating some of their work to improve their job quality.

Fun fact. Usually when discussing what will humanity do once our robots make our lives entirely convenient, usually we ended up with art. Disappointingly, painting and music are areas well infested with AI.

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With the infamous words of farseer chris rea this ain’t no technological breakdown, this is the road to hell

Well a lot of people got kicked out from the company but i think Kaivax and Linxy as community manager’s are still in the company?

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