Kaldorei emotional moment (spoilers)

I posted my list of potential new leaders many times already. I will Not repeat it now.

Erevien, IF you plan on being noticed by Blizzard - you need to jump at every possibility that presents itself to “drive your point home”

Is this your “I’m-having-a-sloppy-sunday-moment”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean it’s a funny goofy read and all, but it would be nicer to use the real (for whatever definition of “real” would be suitable for a videogame) data to build the narrative upon. Just some extra:

Is not a title that is possible to pass by lineage. Such was it’s design. The fact that the devs never bothered to explain in the story what Anduin did to win the votes does not change the way it was described when it was added into the narrative.

Elves possess a rather… sizeable ego. Now, it could be one of things that make them interesting, but it might not be easy to tell such story. I am not sure I would like Azshara if she would have more presence in the story and more people would drag her character in different directions.

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And what is he going to do about it? Cry? Get kidnapped? Chained by Sylvanas? Slapped by the Jailor? Tyrande will be probably saving his useless butt in the next patch :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The story is not written by you, but by the Blizzard. You don’t agree with the High King title, but it exists, whenever you want it or not. According to the real lore (not the one in your head) he is the leader of the whole Alliance, this is a fact. No point of arguing about “what if”, or “it would be better this way…”. The Blizzard, who created this universe is clear about this: Anduin = leader of the Alliance.

Nice comeback in the name of someone, who was not able to defend her people, and who was hiding in half of the 4th war and got beaten the great “nightwarrior” by a regular undead dark ranger. kek

It a position that is granted by others. Leaders of the alliance voted for Varian. But it was never shown in the story when or why they voted for Anduin.

There is no such thing as “leader of the whole alliance”. He is the heir of Stormwind. There is a separate title for the leader of the united military forces, which is called “high king” until we get a female character in this position.

Well of course. Which is why I mentioned, that despite it not being addressed properly in the story the title means:

Besides, when it comes to the origin of the title

The “Trials of the High King” was planned to be an epic questline in Mists of Pandaria. King Varian Wrynn would be given tasks similar to the Labours of Hercules involving each of the Alliance races; each task pertaining to some important aspect of leadership to each racial leader. After accomplishing the task, Varian gains each Alliance racial leader’s respect and is declared that race’s High King.

Which was never done by Anduin. And is about the coordination of the united part of military forces. Some forces serve their leaders. Some - join the united ones, such as 7th legion, that is the subject of authority of the high king.

Although I can’t blame anyone for thinking that the “high king” title gives some magical “alliance leader” properties. Lack of proper depiction led many to this idea. It is even propagated by some content creators such as Bellular.

Consider paying more attention to how trolling depicted on forums. The reason why military forces of the night elves were not ready in time, is the info they got from Stormwind. It’s ok to throw out some “pseudo spicy” take on something. It’s just too “meh” when it’s not based on anything other than headcanon.

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Head of the Alliance forces commands the night elf leader to send her army to support other warfronts, and she simply doesn’t obey. This is till an act of treason, even if she is a trehugger emo girl, with nice smile.

The other thing about the title is, that you can explain it as you wish, but Anduin is still displayed as High King. When I see the title dissappear, I will agree with you, but now, it is only your christmas wish, nothing else.

If you don’t accept the authority of a king, simply switch side to the red dirt eaters, they are at the side where the leaders are killing and betraying each others.

I think you’re the one in the wrong faction.


Are you sure there were no night elves during the attack on Zandalari? Or diring the events in Nazjatar? Some night elves were serving their duty in the “united” salliance forces. Some, who should stay and defend their homeland… went to deal with the problems in their homeland.

He is. Even though it’s not explained how he got the title, he is. Which means that he leads the military operations that involve those forces that involve multiple races. Like what the 7th legion was.

His authority as a monarch is limited to those who serve the monarchy of Stormwind. Which includes / represent survivors of other nations. Living lordaeronians, refugees from Arathi, etc. And the natives, of course.

His authority as a high king is about the strategy and use of multi-racial forces. Which we see. Like the BfA cinematic. Where you can see draenei. And night elves. And dwarfs.

Now, it’s also the info coming from Stormwind what led to night elf forces leaving minimal defenses in their homeland, and this military failer is also a responsibility of high king.

Such is that story. Who is interested in it - can take some info to consider. Who doesn’t - well, whatever.

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The Night Elves are allies of SW not subjects of Anduin. You seem to confuse the two, yes?

Or option 2 - become as autonomous as you were for the past 10.000 years? No more allied meetings and demands. Of course, that can be risky.

I really wish this game had a playable third - neutral - faction. So, while Thrall and Jaina ride into the sunset, while the rest of the blue and red factions smash their brains in, the neutral third faction is chilling at the beach :joy:


Restored her lands, killed the Horde, killed the Undead Dark Ranger. KEK.
Anduin is as impotent as they come, he actually pardoned and absolved the Horde of all their crimes, signed a treaty without restitution for the Alliance so there is little he can do to Tyrande.


There is no plausible reason for Night elves to hate on orcs because of the stuff of the first two wars…because Night elves didn’t participate in neither.

Night elves started attacking orcs because of the pure racial prejudices that made them think they were just like demons.

And even if said clash took some toll, in both sides, the end of the Third War should’ve put an end to the animosity and prejudices, NE had against orcs.
Thrall is 50% of the reason why Archimonde was defeated and the NE elf lands finally cleansed.

PS: And if people wanted to get picky, many would wonder how is it that a race that prides itself for its longevity and wisdom, suddenly forgot that it was an orc the one that saved them from a Demonic Titan, back in the War of the Ancients.

Aren’t you able to talk to some bronze dragon to go into “past darkshore” and via that, go to old Darnassus?

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Because Warcraft 3 was made before Blizzard wrote a book about Time Travel. . .
That time travel should also change all history, but it hasn’t. In chronicles there is also no information about that time travel. Seams like Blizzard hate that book, and does not want to count it.


Yes, Chromie transports you to a pre-BfA phase and then you can go up that majestic old tree :slight_smile:

But, as so often, when I travel old content on Alliance I am “somewhere” on Kalimdor, i.e. I need to find my way via Ratchet to Booty Bay and then go to SW. Very tedious. Even if you use your Legion or WoD HS you need to put in flight to (Ashran) and leg work (Dalaran) to hit the faction hub PLUS all the way to Chromie which is across SW. Nice touch Blizzard!

Especially if your chars are on RP servers it breaks the immersion. Well, for me. Therefore I really hope - as has been said by someone on this forum before - that Blizzard uses the time to revamp old content on Azeroth, so we can reconnect to old lore.

BTW, Teldrassil could easily be revamped. Just use previous patterns and make them more “moonlight-like”. Done! UC could be revamped in Ghostlands. Deatholme would look smashing as the new Forsaken hub, with the Windrunner Spire looming in the distance. That would also enable designers to finally revamp Gilneas. I think they could make it as “authentic” as Boralus.

Just leaves Echo Isles and Gnomeregan who need a booking in the beauty parlour :wink:


Mind you, if Blizzard and Forsaken players prefer their old hunting grounds, Ghostlands (with respect to Windrunner Village) could be the home of the Void Elves. I wouldn’t mind, if Void Elves (cosmetically) were available to Horde players too. I mean, at the barber shop Alliance is now able to create a High Elf Barbie doll. So why should Horde not be able to get a “Void-Type” model?

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Because in Legion, Blizzard implemented Broxxigars memorial, added him in the Illidan backstory questline, and referenced his intervention in both recent and past novels that followed Wc3.

Yeah, they really count him.


Which in hindsight wasn’t an entirely wrong way of thinking, seeing that as soon as the orcs started losing they turned to drinking demon blood to strengthen themselves.

that and the original WotA without Time Travel had them winning anyway so no need for any time nonsense.

WotA trilogy should be erased from existence.

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They didn’t know it was demon blood. Grommash was horrified when he discovered such.
Having Orcs coincidentally forced to chain themselves to such source of power doesn’t make the claim about them being related to it, any more valid.

And if we are to operate under said sort of basis, and validate self-fullfilling prophecies after pushing people towards the preconceived tag we label them with, well…

Was Grommash was right in genociding the Draenei (in MU and AU), given they indeed ended up turning against Orcs and destroy the planet, in the universe that let them be and live with the rest of Orc clans?

There are tons of other examples that could be rationalised in such way.
Point being, that said sort of logic is borked and can’t be used to justify any act beyond the fact that triggered: simple prejudice.

For good or ill, the actual/revamped WotA included Rhonin, Brox, and Krasus. A fact acknowledged by quests such as: