Kangji's Daily Snapshots ((Forum Game)) ~ Thread Now Ended !


Howdy folks & welcome back to Kangji’s Daily Snapshots… 6 Years later! :stuck_out_tongue:

Each day I will post a screenshot (via imgur) of Kangji at an undisclosed location somewhere on Azeroth (or Outland/Draenor). The aim of the game is to accurately describe the location of where the daily snapshot was taken… The following is just an example!

Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/BSlo7G3

^^ I’m sure some of you have managed to guess the zone, Loch Modan. However just saying “Somewhere in Loch Modan” won’t be enough. You will need to be as specific as possible, so in this example the correct answer would be, Valley of Kings - Loch Modan

I will post a daily snapshot today, tomorrow I will reveal it’s location, name the winner(s), then proceed to post the next daily snapshot & so the cycle will continue.

So if you fancy testing your World of Warcraft knowledge in a more visual way & without really being able to just Google the answers (like you can with most other World of Warcraft quizzes), then feel to join in the fun, everyone is welcome!

Good luck, have fun & thanks for taking part! :smiley:


This was always a bit of fun with how obscure some of the pics could be. Looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Punyelf) #3

(Draebet) #4

bring it, panda.

(Haiete) #6

If you properly want to post links, you should try to use the </> function. Your link will look like this, and the forums won’t recognise your link, making you able to post it.



Thanks for the info Haiete, your a star! :slight_smile:

Now lets get this game started. As its the first day I have also included a Bonus snapshot. Good luck & have fun! :smiley:

#1 - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/3Kgsq4O

Bonus - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/jNLWr6H

^^ I’ll be back tomorrow to reveal the correct answers & to post the next Daily Snapshot.

(Fatum) #8

Storm Peaks / Narvir’s Cradle?

Hellfire Peninsula / Abyssal Shelf?


Howdy all, time for another Daily Snapshot. But first I lets reveal yesterday’s Snapshot locations. How did you find them? Notice how there is always just enough visual clues to help you pin point the locations. :slight_smile:

#1 - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/3Kgsq4O

^^ The Correct Answer is Narvir’s Cradle - Storm Peaks

Bonus - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/jNLWr6H

^^ The Abyssal Shelf - Hellfire Peninsula is the location of the Bonus Snapshot.

Well done Fatum, you nailed them both! :smiley:

Now here is the next Daily Snapshot. Good luck.

#2 - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/MR43HYX


Obliesk of the Sun in Uldum ?

(Fatum) #11


of the moon tbh


well atleast i got the right zone lol :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fatum) #13

close call anyway :slight_smile: yeah the zone is pretty straightforward for anyone i think, it’s uldum. the exact location is more problematic as there are more obelisks, it needs ingame or net comfirmation and the net is way faster if you know what are you looking for :wink:


Howdy all. Back again for another Daily Snapshot. But first…

#2 - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/MR43HYX

^^ The correct answer is Obelisk of the Moon - Uldum. This has to be one of my favourite zones on Kalimdor, I really like the ancient Egypt inspired style/theme.

Today’s winner is Fatum, two days running! Nice try Celadina you were almost there, better luck next time. :smile:

Okay, now for the next Snapshot…

#3 - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/8REdbsz

Be back again tomorrow. Bye for now. :slight_smile:

(Haiete) #15

That’d be the statue of Liu Lang in the Krasarang Wilds, one of my favourite zones.

(Fatum) #16

psst… you forgot to name the exact location! :wink:

(Haiete) #17

Hmm, I thought it was the name of the location? Haven’t been there for a while now… if anyone else wants to give it a shot, feel free.

(Fatum) #18

Krasarang Wilds is the zone but the exact location is the name of the place when you arrive at the spot. for example: Durotar / Thunder Ridge. at least that’s the rules according to Kangji :slight_smile:


Remember, I always try to include enough visual clues to help you narrow down or pin point the exact location, even if it does not seem obvious at first. For example normally I would try & avoid showing random mobs or animals in a Snapshot… In this Snapshot it was a deliberate inclusion, in other words its a clue. :wink:

Anyhoo, I’ll be back in a few hours to reveal the location & post the next Snapshot. There’s still time for anyone who thinks they may know the answer… Also there can be multiple winners, its not the first to post or get it right, its any & all who take part & post correctly. :smiley:

(Fatum) #20


i guess the problem is, usually no one really knows the exact location by name. the zone is easy but there are very few subzones that anyone remembers by name. for example this little piece of the shore is known as Turtle Beach if i’m not mistaken but i doubt anyone would know it without checking it on the net or ingame - myself included :slight_smile:


I’m back! :smiley:

#3 - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/8REdbsz

^^ The correct answer is Turtle Beach - Krasarang Wilds.

Well done Haiete you almost got it, you named the statue but not the location. Nice one again Fatum, your pretty good at this.

Snapshots will vary in difficulty, some will be easier than others… I have a few curve balls in-store as well. Essentially this is a visual quiz & I want to challenge people, else all my Snapshots will just consist of simple things like Trade District - Stormwind City or Goldshire - Elwynn Forest, now wheres the fun in that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhoo, on with the show…

#4 - Where am I?.. https://imgur.com/pBYfYKT

See you again tomorrow folks. :smile: