Karazhan needs major tuning

wiped our way through both parts


  1. Medivhs debuffs tick way too hard

Don’t know where to start. Everything in here is overtuned. Maiden is still a mess, attumen is overtuned af

Lower in particular on 15 feels like a +40. Feel free to nerf it into the ground


Can people use their bloody defensives on shade


Flame wreath dot-dmg needs a heavy nerf and should be mentioned in the dungeon journal. Even if no one triggers the bang the dot ticks for huge damage and if you also get an inferno bolt in the face while being flame wreathed good luck healing through that, Pepepains…

Yep, all Kara bosses are nuts on tyrannical lol. People already were flopping on Shadowlands dungs tyrannical bosses.

Karazhan is still the most toxic dungeon included to m+ cycle tbh xD

Yep, I was in a +2 upper, person moved while in flame circle and whole group died. This should never be a design choice for a +2 key - a single person mistake wipes whole group.

This explosion mechanic is not the problem. It’s very old and there are even meme videos about flame wreath instant raid wipes around from 2008 or so. The problem is the dot dmg the players suffer which are inside the circle. The whole circle and dot last for 20 seconds and it ticks way too hard for a mechanic which deals unavoidable dmg. Even in low keys this dmg is insane…

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makes sense indeed.
Just did a +2 lower (as for a +2, the difficulty is way over the roof), and I have no words, it seems Blizzard just didn’t test it at all, and we are in the PTR now… and the death runs is just pure non-sense, 5min runs.

Was this crap tested? Seriously, doing a +6 and had to abandon key. Was doing +20s last season and I’ve done these dungeons during Legion and there is something waaaay off here.


Karazhan is fun if you decide to join with your mates and agree to see it as a mage tower evening. It’s too unforgiving in a pug and feels heavily unrewarding if you join with the mindset of getting some loot


This means that the people in your group don’t know the mechanics. It is a learn to play issue and nothing else. There is nothing wrong if someone has never played Karazhan but to enter without knowing the mechanics is just pure ignorance.

I agree with you.

One thing is not knowing mechanics, the other things is obviously overtuned numbers. But all these top 0.0001% players also need L2P, since Karazans are like 5 key levels lower than other dungeons?

And yes, in a +2 common boss mechanic should not wipe full group. This can and should happen in 10+, but not on the entry level. Why you can faceroll

My guildie said, they went into 14 lower K., with a very competent group, and healer still needed to dish out 20k+ hps to cover for unavoidable damage. And the same group facerolled 18 yard, 19 gambit.

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No it doesn’t, because it’s actually INTENDED to be harder than the other dungeons in the same way the final raid bosses are harder than the rest. It adds the extra hill of challenge to get KSM. Blizzard is clearly trying to balance m+ with raid difficulty instead of 5-man dungeons being faceroll like in the past.


And why it shouldn’t? This is NOT something new. I will give you an example from a Cataclysm dungeon. In Blackrock Caverns if the beams are not soaked on Corla, Herald of Twilight then the whole group will be killed not at the same time but with 1 sec between each death.

So as I said it is not important what is the mechanic and is it M0 but doing it is. Today i had the same problem with one hunter being a moron in Iron Docks. He kept healing the 2nd boss. Not doing the mechanics only because for higher dps is stupid.
And yesterday i had a problem with people not turning their back on the Skeletal Usher Flash cast.

I repeat do the mechanics as they are intended and everything will be fine. Some of the things need nerfing but changing how a whole ability works is NOT ok. It is not so hard to open the journal and read what the abilities do. Also dungeon as old as Kara has videos. If the journal is not enough people should go watch the boss doing the problem.

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Yet ironically your highest LK is a +10 compared to others at +15…just saying. Are you on the payroll?

And why exactly Karazan should be harder, rather than Mechagon or Iron docks? Makes 0 sense you know?

They really need nerfing. Same with last boss of Grimrail. But not nerfing them to where they barley make a dent to your HP.

To all the people saying that the dungeons are “fine”: I think its weird then how all the other dungeons records right now is 27-28 timed for everything except for Grimrail and Karazhan at not even 25. There are problems and i’m sure blizz will come out with a wide nerf soon or later. There is absolutely no way they’re ignoring this.

They probably need a bit more data to make correct changes

one shot or group/raid wipe mechanics, from anything under a +10 or a Mythic raid should not realy exist, it is down right to brutal for content that is not true end game.